{kudos to kathy!}

This is an email we received from Amy, a Hirshfield’s customer who worked with Kathy over at Hirshfield’s Design Resource. Kudos to Kathy on exceptional customer service, and thanks to Amy for the fantastic email!

Hi Kathy,

Thought you might be interested in a painting update.

I finally got around to painting our family room over the weekend, and as you promised, the Ginger Snap looks incredible in there!  So incredible in fact, that when my thirteen year old son (who as you can imagine doesn’t care much about home furnishings) saw it he said it looks like it came out of a magazine.  It’s truly amazing the way doing a dramatic shade can transform the whole vibe of the house!  Additionally, the way that all of the newly painted rooms flow from one to another just proves what a valuable service you’ve provided. (And don’t worry, I’ve been telling all my friends about it.)

So far I’ve gotten the kitchen, dining and family room taken care of as per your plan, and hope to get the living room wrapped up by the end of next week.  Depending on my stamina level, I may even tackle the stairs and upper bathroom before school gets out, or (more likely) may end up waiting for a few boring days in the summer.

Thank you so much for all your help and patience–you are so good at this!!!

Thanks again,

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