{mexican design}

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we’re going south of the border to look at Mexican design. This is a style known for its love of vibrant color and rustic elements.

The feeling of Mexican design is one of joy – as well as being welcoming and friendly. This is not a style for someone who doesn’t want color in their home. Bright vibrant yellows, reds and blues will bring the fiesta feel to your home.
Terracottas and browns can work as accents. Muted and dusky colors also work well in this palette. You really just want to stay away from pastels if you’re going for Mexican design.

Natural, hardwood flooring are a perfect fit for a Mexican-inspired home. Clay or ceramic tiles can also bring the the feel of Mexico to a kitchen or entryway. If you want something softer underfoot, look for woven rugs.

A mosaic backsplash in the kitchen would inspire a batch of fresh salsa.

Mosaic Tiles

The furniture you choose can also evoke a sense of Mexican style. Look for wood in pine or a warm wood like cherry.  You can update a piece by adding rustic, iron hardware.

Devine Paint, available at Hirshfield’s, has multiple color palettes that lend themselves nicely to a Mexican color scheme. These colors enhance the wood in your home, everything from  flooring to furniture to trim, for a warm, rustic feeling. You can see all the Devine color palettes here.

Devine, Desert Lights

Devine, Sweet & Hot Beans

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