{friday finds: online magazines}

In the past few months, mentions of online design magazines have been popping up in the blogosphere. I started combing through the bits and pieces I saved, thinking I would have a few magazines to share with you. Well, as you can see I was clueless. I came across 10 online magazines and two more launching later this year.

Here is an opportunity to check out a full lineup of online decorating and lifestyle magazines. Props to the photographers.

Nesting Newbies

This online lifestyle resource is aimed at newlyweds and new “nesters.” Offering up tips on decorating, cooking, and entertaining. Don’t be an embarrassment to your spouse…save it for the kids. Launched 2009.

A ray of sunshine was felt by many with the launching of Lonny back in October 2009. Two former Domino co-workers combined their knowledge of the business and put out this internet inspiration on a monthly basis.


Pure Green Living

It’s all about green living and green design. This bimonthly online publication is an extension of the Pure Green blog designed by Celine MacKay. Launched July 2010.


Adore Home

It always confuses me for a second when I read the words “summer issue” on a December/January magazine cover. This Australian home and lifestyle magazine was founded by designer Loni Parker. Launched Oct/Nov 2010.


Ivy & PiperFashion for the Home

Two Australian designers who met in design school…fast forward a few years, and their first issue was launched November, 2010.



This bimonthly digital shelter magazine was formed by four design bloggers who met via the Internet. Launched September 2010.

That a good can of paint atones for a multitude of sins.

That inspiration is everywhere.



High Gloss

This new magazine appeared on the screen a mere 11 days ago.  A lifestyle magazine featuring interior design, fashion, entertaining ideas, and travel.


Covert Garden

Inspiration grows here. We are interested in spaces that have not been styled by interior decorators and that, above all else, reflect the passions and interests of those who live in them. Covet Garden is a Canadian monthly online magazine and each issue is one story. They just started a blog in January  2011 to complement the online publication. Launched September 2010.

Clover … challenge ourselves and deliver the most succinct and informed news on design, art, fashion, and culture. This online publication is an “old-timer,” as it’s been around for five issues.

Sweet Paulchasing the sweet things in life as a food and prop stylist and crafter. Started out with his blog Sweet Paul and launched the online magazine back in the Spring of 2010.


New kids on the block:

What do you get when you combine Lonny and Traditional Home? An online magazine called trad home. The first issue will release on April 12, 2011 on lonnymag.com. The Simplified Bee has the dish on the first issue.

Dabble Dabble Dabble. Let’s face it. It’s just fun to say.

But that’s not exactly why we picked the title. It has more to do with Dabble’s subject matter,
encompassing interior design, travel and food. Diverse topics that work in tandem to create
Life Well Designed. Launching February 28, 2011.

Is there room in your world for online and print magazines? I still like holding the print magazine in my hands and feeling that small sense of accomplishment when I reach the last page. And I appreciate the “zoom” feature and the “full screen” option offered by the online magazines. It’s good to have choices.

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