{asian design}

The Chinese New Year starts February 3. Also known as the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year runs from the first day of the first lunar month through the 15th day of the first lunar month. With this motivation, now is the perfect time to add Asian-inspired design into your home.

Start by including a touch of bamboo to your windows through unique treatments. Bamboo blinds are eco-friendly, lightweight, durable, and attractive. Use bamboo, a very popular finish used today, throughout your home. You can also add drama to your walls by using bamboo as a wallcovering.


Provenance blind from Hunter Douglas

Red is the Chinese color of luck and happiness. Use the bold and bright color throughout your home to provide an energetic vibe. Paint an accent wall with this hue and accompany it with décor like wall art or silk screens.


Red pieces like chairs and sofas, as well as Asian inspired furniture and Oriental rugs would also be a nice addition to your space.

Osborne & Little

For a final touch of the Eastern World, use wallpaper or a wall mural that captures the essence of China.


For more Asian design inspiration, check out Chinoiserie Chic, a blog dedicated to the timeless world of Chinoiserie (a French term meaning “Chinese-esque”). What are some ways you’ve incorporated design elements from around the globe into your home?

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