{inspiration rooms: game rooms}

With the cold weather firmly in place across Minnesota, the best place to find yourself this time of year is at home. Why not create a game room or spruce up your space to make a fun room in your house where you and your family can get together and spend quality time?

One idea for a creative game room is to pay homage to an era with a throwback theme to honor a certain decade. Vintage wall clocks, framed images of Elvis, or beaded drapes could complete a 60s style look, while neon signs, arcade games, and posters of Madonna and Price could capture the feel of the 1980s.


Since game rooms are a place to relax, have fun, and get your mind off serious business, don’t be afraid to play with color in this space. Try a bright accent wall, and accessorize with matching shades by adding accent pillows to a couch or chair.

House Beautiful

Perhaps your playroom will be a place to store your family’s books and games. Have fun making a kid-friendly space with plenty of storage that’s both friendly and inviting.



Of course, game rooms should also be a place where you can express yourself, or your love for your favorite sports team. Create an ode to your favorite college or professional sports team and hometown heroes and show your pride and spirit!


Finally, draw inspiration from this remodel from one of our own Hirshfield’s employees. This basement went from an unfinished space to a sleek entertainment room. These classy quarters are the perfect space to relax with the family or company.

Entertainment Area Before


Entertainment Area After


Entertainment Area After

How are you planning to renovate, remodel, or redecorate your game room?

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