{tips for taping a room before you paint}

You’ve spent time staring at paint chips, trying to choose just the right shade for your project. Now that you’ve picked your paint – you’re ready to get started! But have you taped the room yet to protect woodwork, carpet and your windows? Properly taping a room can really make a difference in how your finished paint job looks – and lasts. In this video Bob from 3M demonstrates just how to get that perfect edge.

Bob also showed us the different types of tape that are available in this video.

2 Responses to “{tips for taping a room before you paint}”

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    […] have a series of videos to show you how to tape a room before you paint. We cover everything from taping a room the right way, taping around windows, taping around light fixtures, and removing the tape once you’re […]

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    […] thinking about doing your own painters tape design project, be sure to invest in some good painter’s tape and paint. The paint experts at Hirshfield’s will help set you up with everything you […]

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