Whether you are a first-time painter or expert DIYer, the professionals at Hirshfield’s want to make sure your next home improvement project is a successful one! Bring us your questions because we want to help! We recently received a nice email from a customer who had a wonderful experience at the Hirshfield’s in Apple Valley :

Dear Mr. H,

This note might be a record for tardiness, but better late than never! Last September (I kept my note but just found it again after losing it) I was in your Apple Valley store. I am a beginner at painting walls, since I have always been a renter. I sort of, kind of, knew what I wanted but being inexperienced with what paint really looks like on the wall compared to the chip in the store, I was getting frustrated.

Your employee Jen Miranda to the rescue! She was more than wonderful. Kind, patient, knowledgeable and helpful in every way – she led me through some ideas and suggestions. She recommended the “sample” size, she mixed paint for me, she listened while I complained, and never once made me feel silly. We actually ended up having a good time and laughing together over my fast learning curve!

The next time I need paint I will be certain to schedule time with Jen Miranda – if only all employees in other retail establishments were so caring and kind as Jen, the shopping world would be a far better place for us consumers. Thank you, also, for the good training and positive workplace culture that you have created so that people like Jen can continue to learn and grow to their best potential.

Your fan,


Kudos, Jen! And thank you, Sharon, for your nice note!

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