{friday finds: christmas letter 1943}

Here is a peek at Hirshfield’s 67 years ago.  Ahhh, the spirit of Christmas. Glibert, a long time employee of Hirshfield’s, was off serving our country during World War II. He was in the Amy, served in the Medical Corps, and was a POW. He returned from the war and resumed his employment at Hirshfield’s where he continued working until he was in his 80’s.

The reference to “Mrs. Hirshfield and the Doctor;” Hans’ grandfather was a medical doctor and ran the paint and wallpaper business. Hirshfield’s received a letter from a nurse at the old Eitel hospital across from Loring Park. She said  Doc’s patients were rather leery of him and his paint splattered shoes. They weren’t quite sure he was the real deal.

Here are a couple more letters to Gilbert from his Hirshfield’s co-workers.

Hirshfield’s wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe return for our troops stationed abroad.

One Response to “{friday finds: christmas letter 1943}”

  1. Amy Says:

    These letters from your archives are very interesting. Merry Christmas!

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