{color predictions for 2011}

2011 is right around the corner – and we’re all anxious to know what color Pantone will choose as their color of the year! So to tide us over, we asked the color experts at Hirshfield’s what color they think will be honored in 2011.

Hirshfield’s Lakeville, 1222 Grape Soda
We predict the “it” color of 2011 will be a rich color so we picked Grape Soda. Also, this color could fall in the category of a chameleon neutral – it would look good with taupes, greens and grays.

Hirshfield’s Coon Rapids, 0058 Angelic Choir
We put it to a vote! Everyone chose their favorite color and Angelic Choir was the clear winner!


Hirshfield’s By Appointment, 1173 Purple Stiletto
One of our staff has been seeing this color everywhere on billboards. It is a nice, refreshing color with just enough red in it.


Hirshfield’s Roseville, Devine Mist or Bavarian
One of our staff saw an article in the paper that purple reigns! This color is fun and different and works well as a neutral. The staff has been recommending this color to customers and they seem to be liking it as well!


Kathy Basil of Hirshfield’s Design Resource, 0535 Zen Retreat
My go to neutral for 2011 is going to be Zen Retreat. I like it because it’s the perfect dramatic background for almost any color. If your flat screen TV is an eyesore, paint the wall this color and you’ll love it!!! I guarantee it!

Hirshfield’s Shakopee, 0247 Apple Crisp
This is a very rich, warm color.  This deep caramel shade will give definition to any room. Besides, when you look at it, you can almost smell Grandma’s fresh baked apple crisp cooking!


Hirshfield’s Maple Grove, Beauport Aubergine Historic Colors
We’re seeing this color in the design magazines, clothing in the stores and customers are bringing in their finishes and asking for grays and plums/purples. Last but not least, Cindy (our resident trend expert) likes the color! Cindy has mixed pints for samples. Customers are loving it!


Hirshfield’s Apple Valley, 0199 Sandy Shoes
We think Sandy Shoes is going to be THE color to have.  It’s a color that pairs well with almost anything and is light enough to fill a whole room with rich chameleon color or stand alongside a cream as an accent.  In a dark space, it becomes a moody, modern gray. In a bright and sunny space, it becomes a lively yet earthy taupe.

Hirshfield’s St. Cloud, 0448 Ice Flow
This color is very relaxing and calming which is needed with the turmoil in the world. Our staff was drawn to the softness and how it is a lovely muted blue-green.


Hirshfield’s Edina, 0379 Orestes
This color takes on chameleon like qualities. It shifts under different lights – Looks green in some lights and gray in others so it works well with most colors.

*The experts at Hirshfield’s recommend not selecting colors based upon a computer image – these colors should only serve as a guide.

8 Responses to “{color predictions for 2011}”

  1. Leanne Swetlik Says:

    I attended the Furniture Market in High Point NC in October.
    I saw a lot of gray and a smoky amethist for a strong secondary color. Would you feel safe to say these are color trends for 2011?

    I would be very interested in obtaining your color fan. Is there any chance I could get one and additional information on your paints. I have a decorative painting business. Work throughout NE WI and love to have a variety of options for my clients. I like out of the ordinary choices and prefer the designer touch to be my trademark in colors, style and techniques. Thanks in advance!

    Business is:
    Interior Impressions
    Leanne Swetlik
    3117 Samuel Road
    Manitowoc, WI 54220

  2. Marsha Says:

    I think it is very safe to say that those colors will be the trend for the next year and maybe even a little longer. I will put a fan deck in the mail for you today. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Mar ottne Says:

    I recently moved to Florida and would like to know what the color trend is for the Sanibel area. Thank you Mar

    • Marsha Says:

      I apologize for not seeing your comment before today. Let me see what I can find and I’ll get back to you.

  4. Marsha Says:

    I spoke with Greg at our design studio and here are his words of wisdom.

    Congratulations on moving to Florida!
    I would not rely on trends. I would rely on what makes you comfortable in the area you live. Your lifestyle will influence what you choose for your finishes. Figure out your space and determine what makes you feel good.

    I hope his advice is helpful. I suggested looking at magazines that focus on Florida living, but Greg shot my idea down. If you are from Minnesota everything is so different down there, I thought with a magazine you could see what finishes are used in Florida. Have fun in beautiful Sanibel.


    The first color looks great (Grape Soda). The third one, Purple Siletto is a good one as well. The last two ones are good for interiors. These would be the best and overall real good predictions.

    • Marsha Says:

      It is so good to hear from a Color Guild member. I appreciate your comments.

      How different, or alike, are our predictions compared to your color predictions in Mexico?

  6. {friday finds: questions? just ask} « Hirshfield's Color Club Says:

    […] brought the viewer to Hirshfield’s blog, but the only mention of Zen Retreat was in a “Colors Predictions For 2011″ post. The viewer found out it was Kathy’s go-to neutral, but nothing about dining […]

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