{friday finds: etsy}

With the holiday shopping season upon us, consider purchasing delightful one of a kind items from Etsy. Etsy is an e-commerce website where people from all over the world, sell handmade items, artwork, vintage, repurposed, and some funky things where all you can do is shake your head and think, “really?”.

Etsy is a big deal. Last year Etsy sold $180.6 million-worth of goods. Etsy has over 400,000 active sellers. The site charges a listing fee of 20 cents for each item, receives 3.5% of every sale, with the average sale is between $15-$20.

Feast your eyes on these Etsy beauties.

Penelope’s Press




Retro Vertigo


PILOT design


Have you purchased any items from Etsy? What did you think? The handmade and vintage offerings from Etsy are amazing. If shopping at the mall during the holidays makes you crazy, this is a great alternative.

A special shout out to Retro Vertigo and PILOT design since they are the hometown favorites. PILOT design’s work is also found at the Bachman’s store on Lyndale. Retro Vertigo’s entertaining tweets can be followed at @retrovertigomn.

I must add, I have a stamp of my face which I purchased from the back of a cereal box years ago. Laughter guaranteed.


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