{friday finds: a few of my favorite things}

I fell in love with this room the minute I saw it. The colors drew me in, and I keep going back to it, taking in all the details that make this space so lovely. A DIY project that does not look like a DIY project. I also like that this isn’t a huge space. It makes me think, “I can do that.” There was also wishful thinking on my part that my 14 year old daughter would see this room, throw aside the bright green, pink, and black color scheme she had planned for her room. (didn’t work) Allow yourself some time to enjoy Janell Beals’ blog, Isabella & Max Rooms. Guaranteed to spark your creativity.

The perfect corner. Photograph by William Waldron.


I saw this amazing space on Twitter a few weeks ago when it was posted by Cupboards On Line. Erin, from House of Turquoise, also fell in love with it back in May. Here is the link to her posting.

This is the winning space in a design competition down in Georgia.


The quilt is what I want. It would be easy to make, but to pull it off, the perfect orange & turquoise fabrics would need to be found.

This used to be a dark and cramped cottage. To see the renovation click on the link below.

House Beautiful July 2008

What resonates with you? Is it color? Pattern? A certain style? What keeps drawing a person back to anything?

Have a great weekend. My husband is drawing me to the backyard and the leaves.

First three people to leave comments will receive the House Beautiful 500+ Favorite Paint Colors publication.






6 Responses to “{friday finds: a few of my favorite things}”

  1. Amy Says:

    That loft space is amazing. As you might remember from some of my tweets, there was a time when I was somewhat regretful that I didn’t buy a loft instead of cute little house.

    There’s a photo I have saved of a room that was probably in Domino.
    This room doesn’t really look like a typical “amy” room, but it’s one of my favorites anyway. I think it’s due to the subtle color, combination of textures and juxtaposition of old and new. When I have a second home in London (yeah right), I’ll have a room based off of this one.

  2. Marsha Says:

    I like how the room is filled with light from all those windows. And the touches of pink/coral throughout the room.

    Maybe you’ll come visit me in Scotland when you’re at your London home.

    Thank you very much for the comment.
    Send me your address and I will mail out HB’s 500+ Paint Colors.
    Or do you already have it?

  3. Melissa Lawrence Says:

    My favorite things are things from days gone by. For some reason, I am very connected to the past!

  4. Janell Beals Says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I had so much fun putting this room together! Janell

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