{using color in small spaces}

Small spaces are the perfect place to experiment with color and make a statement without spending a lot of money. And no, in most cases a bold color will not make your space seem smaller.

A small room or hallway can really make an impact when you choose a bold paint color for the walls.

Bedroom featured on "Small Space Style"

Consider a light green, rich burgundy, bright blue or sunny yellow to really show off your space.

If the small space transitions into another room that’s larger, continue the color into that larger space in the form of accessories, furniture or a rug instead of on the walls.

Room featured in "ArchiThings"

This room’s staircase pops with a rich, royal blue. That color is then repeated in chairs and a credenza to tie it all together.

Color can also help you add depth to your home while defining a space.

Better Homes & Gardens

This tiny kitchen featured in Better Homes & Gardens layered blue in a living room, transitioned to a rustic red clay color in the kitchen that really pops against the homeowner’s white cabinets.

Do you need even more inspiration to get started? Designer David Kaihoi (from Minnesota) lives in a small New York City apartment with his wife and daughter.

Purple Foyer featured in "House Beautiful"

Their home is tiny – but big on color and inspiration. Check out more of the amazing pictures from House Beautiful’s interview with him about using color in the smallest of spaces.

Modern Kitchen featured in "House Beautiful"



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