{friday finds: painted floors}

Image from Sunny Goode

Whitewashed floors - House Beautiful April 2010

House of Atelier - Bloesem Blog

Living Etc - March 2009

Paisley wallpaper

door sixteen

Just a little something for you to think about. I so love the look, but could I actually put a paint brush to my wood floors? Painting the 1950’s linoleum floor in one of our bedrooms is what I’m thinking about. Next stop, Hirshfield’s Contractor Service Center to find out from “the guys” what is all involved in this project. I’ll keep you posted.

For more information:

Sunny Goode, House Beautiful April 2010, Bloesem, Living Etc March 2009, paisley wallpaper, door sixteen, The Best Colors for Painting Floors

7 Responses to “{friday finds: painted floors}”

  1. Amy Says:

    I really like the look too — especially the ones that are painted white.

    My mom painted the linoleum in her bedroom in the late 50s. Her parents even let her splatter paint it Pollock style. I think she said she was inspired by Seventeen magazine.

    • Marsha Says:

      I don’t know if I would let my daughter splatter her floor.

      I love that she was inspired by Seventeen…generations of young girls and their magazines.

  2. Marsha Says:

    I just ran across this cute, cute painted floor at Verdigris Vie.

  3. Obsession: Paint | Damn You, Little Rock Says:

    […] hirshfields.wordpress.com via Kerri on […]

  4. aly Says:

    I love the look of white painted floors, but I would like to know how big of a pain is it to keep those white painted floors clean?

    • Marsha Says:

      Putting on a top coat would make it easier to clean; I used a high gloss top coat on my daughter’s bedroom floor. I was covering tile from the ’50s.
      Some people like the patina that comes from the wear and tear, but I’m thinking you’re not one of those people. Cory, from our Monticello store, helped me with product selections as I was clueless.

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