{exceptional customer service…Hirshfield’s}

We have to share this unsolicited compliment from a contractor customer. They found the “comments” button on the Hirshfield’s web site and sent in the following e-mail. It’s always a joy to receive such e-mails and even more fun to pass them around for all to see. Nice work to Charlie and Tedd at Maplewood — and to Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing for their fine products.


My partner Jeanne & I have been painting professionally since 1999. We have applied a wide variety of paint and visited many paint stores.Ted and Charlie at your Maplewood store have done a tremendous job of assisting us.

We made a decision a while ago to use your Platinum Ceramic paint in our clients homes. It was the right choice, we like how the product applies and performs.

Since our change to Platinum Ceramic we have also tried your ProWall 4000 and Aqua Lock primer. We have not been disappointed. Color matching with paint and even primers by the Maplewood crew has been excellent.

We also use Hirshfield’s Heavy Duty and Benjamin Moore Impervo (waterborne and alkyd). It is an added benefit to us to be able to avoid stopping at three different paint stores in the morning for our materials.

The service we offer our clients is stress free home refinement. Thanks to Ted and Charlie and the rest of the crew at Maplewood for also keeping* /our/* effort to do so stress free.

James Robbins


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