{inspired by nature – decorating with wood}

Here in Minnesota, we love the outdoors. No matter what the weather, we always find a way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery Mother Nature has provided. For many of us, this love of nature is also reflected in our homes with the use of wood.

Now when you think wood, your mind probably pictures a rustic cabin seated near a lake surrounded by tall pine trees with a deer in the background. But through the years, wood has made the transition from modest lake-side cabin to modern city living.

House Beautiful April issue

The above floor is done in a Old Masters’s Gel Stain in Pickling White. The walls and ceilings are painted with Benjamin Moore’s primer, Super Spec Flat. The home owner was looking for the starkest white she could find.

Ron Clarin, Hirshfield’s Roseville location, does not recommend using just a primer, as it is not designed as a finish coat, it cannot be washed, and there is no durability without a top coat.

House Beautiful April issue

The walls were sanded and a diluted wash was applied made from leftover gray and white paints and water. The floor was sanded but left untreated.

Wood’s versatile style comes from its ability to be customized in so many ways.There is a rising popularity in painted furniture. Enamels, glazes and a little elbow grease allow you to turn a piece of furniture into a one-of-a-kind show stopper.

knack studio

Let Hirshfields’ staff share their expertise and product knowledge when it comes to your finishing ideas. I know with my own projects it is trial and error. “Often times customers will want to duplicate the look of a higher end piece of furniture, and in some cases, unless you have a spray booth and skill set of a cabinetmaker, the DIY’er will not be able to achieve a factory finish look,” says Ron, of Hirshfield’s Roseville.

Don’t forget wood decor’. Check out ApartmentTherapy.com’s blog on modern and classic wood finds. From flooring to furniture, wood is being used with a wide range of styles and taste.

The April 2010 issue of House Beautiful magazine is dedicated to wood…. new looks, reclaimed, washed , tinted, and packed with photos.

For more design inspiration, check out Hirshfield’s Flickr page.

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