{show us your cabin!}

We are enjoying our first summer of owning a lake cabin.  And with the joy of cabin ownership comes the increased maintenance, but also the fun of decorating another home.

Our style has always been eclectic, but our penchant for antiques has been subdued in our primary home.  That being said, our cabin can now take center stage as a place to show off everything from family antiques to favorite overseas acquisitions.  From the beginning we decided to skip the “moose and bear décor” and opt instead for a homey, warm lake home feel.

The cabin has pine floors and ceilings throughout, so we wanted to minimize the décor in order to highlight the gorgeous pine.  To achieve this in our bedroom, we combined wicker, pine and leather furniture with a simple sea color (0481 Dream Catcher) on the walls and very little else.  The ceiling and floors are like a work of art themselves – so a dark brown and cream spread on the bed and simple indoor/outdoor rug to keep feet warm in winter was all we needed.

In the entryway, we were able to place our Persian Rug bought on a trip to the Middle East years ago, along with an antique cedar chest and a “old looking”, new mirror with pegs to provide functionality for the daily comings and goings.   (Paint color 0751 Green Glass.)  A great place to put your boots on, the chest also ended up becoming the cabin’s Lost and Found bin – an essential item for the entertaining side of cabin life.  (But we don’t have to look at the extra stuff!)

In the eating area, the antique family tabletop is held aloft with an old colonial house column with a distressed finish for a base.  We added vintage chairs of different colors and styles to round out the antique, eclectic feel.  (Paint color 0881 Golden Syrup.)  An antique shelf becomes a gaming unit nearby and an old window provides a great backdrop for family photos.

With much work ahead still to complete our decorating, our style is still definitely coming through.  And we are thrilled to have a place to put our actual antiques, as well as many of our newer furniture items that are intentionally distressed and designed to look old.

Want to show us your cabin? Send photos and a brief description of your decorating aesthetic to hirshfields@gmail.com and we’ll feature them on our blog as part of Hirshfield’s “Show Us Your Cabin!” series!

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