{paint recycling & disposal}

As summer approaches, it seems like painting projects begin with a fury. And as you add more paint to your collection, it becomes essential to get a handle on the extra paint you are done with or won’t use again. Here are 4 keys for storage and disposal that will help you:

Don’t throw away liquid paint in the trash or sink drain. Paint should stay in the original container. However, small amounts of latex paint can be left to dry in the can, and disposed of in the trash.

Only store paint in places that won’t freeze. Find cool, dry places to keep your paint and label containers well including the room you painted and the date, so you can keep track for touch ups. Remember, latex paint that has frozen cannot be used again or recycled. Excessive heat is also not good for paint.

To recycle paint, check with your local county recycling program. Call 1-800-CLEANUP (800-253-2687) or check out the links for your county here: http://www.hirshfields.com/services/recycling2.html

Find creative ways to use excess paint. Restoring old furniture is one way to use leftover paints, or allow your kids to use some for projects. You can also use fun colors for a closet repaint, or a basement storage area. Reusing is a valuable way to protect the environment.

Join Hirshfield’s Color Club. Let Hirshfield’s keep track of your paint color selections, including custom color formulations and stain colors. We record the color, the sheen, and even the room. You never need to save another old paint can. In addition, we offer an e-mail notice of sales, new products, decorating ideas, and other special offers…and a little Color Club discount. No need to carry a card, we’ve got you covered.

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