{exceptional customer service}

Every so often we receive an unsolicited note from a satisfied customer. Why “every so often?” Is it because our company only performs at an exceptional level “every so often?” We’d like to think not, but a little self doubt does help keep one at the top of their game. Countless times I’ve shared positive feelings with friends and colleagues about a rewarding shopping experience or interaction with a sales associate. But I’ve never followed up with direct feedback to that individual. I’m admittedly guilty. No excuse. Shame on me. I’ll try to do better. I will try. It might make me a better customer.

But let me share this “every so often” note that arrived today:

“I would like to commend Jeff in your Edina store for exceptional customer service as he’s helped me on a couple of occasions. He worked with me on a staining project and was able to track down additional stain from your various locations that I needed at the last minute and Jeff recently helped me with another project. It isn’t often that customer service is exceptional in any business, so I feel it’s necessary to let him know that he displays great customer service and knowledge. He thanks me by name which is an added bonus.”

– Terry L.

Thank you, Terry.

And thank you, Jeff.

Exceptional customer service.

Exceptional customer.

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