{friday finds: cutting in along a textured ceiling}

Scalloped painting technique

A while ago Apartment Therapy had a great post on eliminating the dreaded “cutting in” process.” I start to fret about maintaining a straight line where the ceiling meets the wall even before I start painting. My living room has a coved ceiling, which is textured, so the unevenness of my paint job is more apparent to the naked eye. There’s always big talk about going back and touching up with an artist brush, but that rarely never happens.

Bill Nunn, long time Hirshfield’s customer, shares his 32 years of painting expertise in the April issue of The Family Handyman. Bill shares five pages of useful tips and photos in the issue. If the scalloped edge doesn’t do it for you, here is Bill’s great “cutting in” tip from the article.

Oh, those professionals know it all!

Here is a another bedroom photo from Apartment Therapy SF Flickr images showing the same scalloped painting technique, without the magnificent headboard to cloud your judgement. It still is a great look.

Is the scalloped technique something you would do in your home? Do you like the look?

3 Responses to “{friday finds: cutting in along a textured ceiling}”

  1. Amy Says:

    I really liked this look. I’m not sure I have a room where it would be appropriate (would have probably been a bit twee in my pink bedroom), but it’s adorable.

    Thanks also for the hint about how to handle cutting in along textured ceilings. I’m about to paint my hallway and this is very helpful!

  2. Marsha Says:

    What did you think of the headboard?

  3. Amy Says:

    The headboard is not my style, but I think it’s grand!

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