{environmentally friendly cleaning}

While Earth Day only comes around once a year, it seems like housecleaning is an everyday event. So instead of waiting for a particular day to celebrate plant Earth, I’m trying to keep the “green” spirit alive all year round in my home by using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

In my quest to rid my family of dangerous cleaning supplies (filled with chemicals and odors), I’ve found a few products that I regularly use. I particularly like Achoo Allergy and Air Products and I order their glass cleaner all the time – it is void of harsh chemicals and odors while effectively cleaning surfaces all over my house.

I also like Mrs. Meyer’s line of eco-friendly cleaning products. There are no solvents, no bleach and no harsh fumes in their line, and they do what they are designed to do: clean my house!

Here’s another eco-friendly winner I’ve found at Hirshfield’s stores. Winning Colours® Stain Remover is ready to tackle drips, drops and disasters everywhere. It cleans up paint, grease, grim and goo. You’ll discover thousands of cleaning uses in one convenient solution. Unlike ordinary solvents that are used to clean up paint messes, glue residue and other stains, Winning Colours works great with water on a variety of surfaces including carpets and textiles.

So even though Earth Day just passed, keep your home “green” (and clean!) all year round with these products. I would also love to hear what environmentally friendly products you like to use around your home!

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