{friday finds: thibaut’s shangri-la}

It was manna from heaven when I received today’s e-mail from Thibaut introducing the Shangri-la Collection. The room sets in this collection are the best I have seen from Thibaut. I always love a little  mix and matching of design styles to keep it fresh.

Noticed… and liked…

Greek Key tape on the sheers

like the wallpaper, curious about other colorways

chair fabric – is there such a thing as a Greek Key ikat?

traditional wainscoting and molding with a contemporary dresser

plush pile on rug (just like the rug at the design studio which I love, love , love)

Noticed…and liked…

tufted inside arm

wallcovering  – 3D?

chinoiserie pillows on a Gustavian sofa – I like this mix of Chinese and Swedish

Noticed…and liked…

Greek Key fabric

the not-so-busy wallpaper

Noticed…and liked…

cathedral quilt pattern used on the base of the lamp

I heard a rumor gold is coming back – the wallpaper is looking  gold to me and the table has gold accents

I keep thinking about gold faucets, don’t know if I’ll be loving the gold

Noticed…and liked…

again, the plush pile rug

gold accents on the light fixture

new chinoiserie wallpaper pattern

Greek Key tape on the sheers and Greek Key fabric used on the chairs

There you have it. What do think? Any ideas jump out at you? I hope so.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the colorways offered for the wallcovering and the decorative tapes. I would think Thibaut will be selling the tapes.

The design studio has all the sample rolls, but the books have not been received in our stores. I’m hoping the books will arrive soon so customers can take advantage of the April wallcovering sale. Please contact one of our stores for details on the wallcovering sale.

One Response to “{friday finds: thibaut’s shangri-la}”

  1. Jon Says:

    We (Edina) just received our Shangri-la book in the mail today. Stop by the store and check out front window, the squirrel pattern is already a hit.

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