{house of turquoise and thibaut}

This roomset is from Thibaut's Serendipity book

The lovely Miss Erin, from House of Turquoise, did a compilation of Thibaut wallpapers a few weeks back….and since we have Thibaut papers on sale for the month of April I thought I’d take advantage of Erin’s hard work

Erin helping out with "Name that Color Contest"

If you are not familiar with Erin’s site, it is all about her love of turquoise. Her site will soothe your soul on those crazy days when all your worlds collide. She hails from Minnesota and is an international star in the world of decor with House of Turquoise. Her site will not disappoint.

Now back to the business of the Thibaut sale:

  • In addition to Thibaut papers, Blue Mountain, Norwall, and Washington papers are on sale for the month of April
  • on top of everyday pricing, which is less ? off retail, receive an additional ? off
  • free freight on your order if it is shipped via UPS ground

I was contacted by one of the wallpaper vendors and was asked to remove the sale discounts, as it goes against their policy. Please contact one of our locations or send me an e-mail with any questions. In a whispered voice, “it’s a really good sale.”

As always we appreciate your patronage and your support of a local business.

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