{friday finds: who cares about the ipad when we have heavenly rugs}

When I  saw this rug at the design studio, off came the shoes, and my toes were working over time in this plush pile. It was heavenly! It looks like a cloud and feels like a cloud. This rug is from a new line the design studio is carrying. It is blown nylon with a 4″ – 6″ pile to sink your toes in.

Here are some fun facts “the clerk” shared on this line:

  • made in California
  • rugs available in 4″ – 6″ pile, 3″ – 4″ pile, and 1 3/4″
  • very easy to create a custom piece
  • manufacturer has 30 years of designs to choose from
  • create your rug with your colors, or their standard colors
  • view your rug in all different shapes and sizes
  • mix and match piles

As you can see the possibilities are limitless. Size, shape, and color are all up to you. The plush pile rug in the first and second photo is also available in a chocolate color which is so good looking according to “the clerk.”  Interested? Call or stop by the design studio. Make certain your socks don’t have holes so you can take off your shoes and enjoy a piece of  heaven.

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