{beyond beige – choosing the right exterior paint color part 1}

Choosing exterior paint colors can be a challenge.  But you can go beyond beige and still allow your home to shine by following the advice of exterior paint expert, Mark Masica of Hirshfields.

Softer, tone-on-tone combinations have replaced the once popular light body, dark trim homes. Monochromatic color schemes make a home seem larger and less cut up.

Your favorite color may have to be on the inside. Make your home your own, but keep in mind that you’re painting the outside for everyone else… Never forget the importance of curb appeal.

Neutral doesn’t have to mean beige. Colors like green can be considered neutral.  A simple look to Mother Nature will show that many different shades of green go together.  For example, look at all the different bright colors of flowers, yet the foliage is always green.  Still not sure?  Ask yourself if you have ever looked at someone’s home and said the grass doesn’t go with the trees and shrubs.

Don’t call attention to garage doors. If your garage door/doors are visible from the front of the home, the actual door should be considered part of the body of the home and painted accordingly. You can picture frame the doors the trim color of the home. Why? The focal point of a home should be the front door (unless you plan on asking your guests to join you in the garage!)

2 Responses to “{beyond beige – choosing the right exterior paint color part 1}”

  1. colorock.com Says:

    First things first – to acrylic paint well, you have to paint like you do not pay for the color! If you want a nice paint finish, you must apply the right amount of color. You do not spread paint just because you want to save money or for some other reason. For color and we forget the cost of paint and apply a nice, smooth, thick layer.

  2. {curb appeal} « Hirshfield's Color Club Says:

    […] Masica of Hirshfield’s shares some tips for choosing the right exterior paint color in parts one, two and three of this series on painting the outside of your home. HGTV […]

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