{transitioning girl bedroom from tween to teen}

What seems like only a few years ago, my then 13-year old daughter wanted to leave the tween years behind and get an updated room in the basement. We reluctantly acquiesced, and then went to work to create a teenage room that she could be proud of!

She insisted on lime green walls against the good advice of a skilled Hirshfield’s associate. And, much to my teenager’s chagrin, we had to go back to said associate and have him help us tame the now mixed lime paint color to make it livable without the need for sunglasses to enter.

I learned these pointers when I “partnered” with my daughter to create a sophisticated teenage girl’s room:

– Let her lead; but gently steer the process: Decorating with your teenager is like childrearing on steroid: the more you push her toward the soft colors, the harder she’ll lean on neon. Trust me!

– Let her choose the accessories, but stay firm on the expensive items: We bought our daughter a fabric headboard/footboard and she wanted the purple color, but I stood firm on the soft brown. But we compensated by allowing her to choose several purple rice-papered hanging lights for the much desired purple accent.

– I chose the bedding (specialty store bedding costs a small fortune), but she chose all the throw pillows to go on top of her bed from the big box store.

– She was involved in selecting the blinds and curtains, and even she was shocked at how quickly the bills added up. A good life lesson, I figured!

– Choose one main accessory to serve as the main feature in the room: My daughter had always wanted a handmade quilt designed by me, and we decided to forge ahead.. We chose a handful of colorful fabrics together, and after an arduous process (I will not lie) I completed an oversized quilt just for her. We both were happy with the result, and this heirloom will transcend her teenage years, messy room and mother-daughter shouting matches.

4 Responses to “{transitioning girl bedroom from tween to teen}”

  1. Tammy Hansen Says:

    Do you have a picture of your daughter’s final result? My 12 year old is desiring a change from her little girl bedroom and wants a black, white and bright green quilt made by my mom but we’re looking for ideas. Thanks

    • Marsha Says:

      I sent an e-mail to Astrid and will get back to you either way.
      Thanks for the comment.

    • Marsha Says:

      Astrid does not have a photo of the quilt as the quilt went to college with her daughter. Have fun with your daughter’s room.

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    […] came the dreaded, “Mom, I want to paint my room.” I say,”dreaded,” because girls of a certain age want their walls hot pink, lime green, or deep turquoise. Kathy (Hirshfield’s Design Studio) […]

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