{friday finds: wallpaper sale}

Have I got a deal for you! This week’s Friday Find is the great wallpaper sale at our retail locations.

Select vendors have extended an additional 10% off to Hirshfield’s, and we are passing that discount along to you.  Our every day pricing, is 25-30% off, plus an additional 10% off, plus free shipping on UPS ground shipments in the United States.  Check with the store for complete details on which books are on sale for the month of March.

Don’t you love this vintage Hirshfield’s ad? It is one of my favorites. My boss said I could share the ad if I added a disclaimer, just in case someone thought this was a current ad.

  • We do not have wallpaper for 79¢ a roll, but we could find a roll in the back room for you.
  • We carry more than 1100 colors.
  • We no longer carry Fuller O’Brien paint. We manufacture our own paint line.
  • Our hours are different. Remember when retailers were not open on Sunday?
  • We no longer have stores at 824 Hennepin, Brookdale, or 6457 South Lyndale,  but we do have a few other locations.
  • Free delivery on select vendors for the month of March.

Take advantage of our sale with all the fabulous looking wallflowers and textures available today.  We’ll start small. All I’m asking for is one accent wall, or a powder room. It is time to let go of that grudge you have against wallpaper. Remember it’s all in the prep work!

Shop local…Out of every dollar, 68¢ stays in your community vs. 43¢. We need that money in our communities.

3 Responses to “{friday finds: wallpaper sale}”

  1. dianne doll Says:

    Searching for:

    Border, Black & white print of Skylines

  2. dianne doll Says:


    Border – Black & white skyline, where to find

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