{fresh colors for home and fashion}

Sweet saffron, tangy orange, fresh greens and elegant grays seem to be the desired color palette for spring – at least that’s what fashionistas are telling us from the pages of glamorous magazines.

Do these colors translate to home decorating choices as well? While I’m not prepared to cover my walls with tangy orange tones, I am ready for a decorating change. For the last twelve years (and two homes) my walls have been covered in the beige tones of Wilmington Tan (sometimes a tone lighter and sometimes a tone darker) from Benjamin Moore and I’m about ready for a color transformation.

I’m moving toward fresher, more modern tones by transitioning wall colors to a soft and elegant gray in my main living areas. I’m looking at fabric wall coverings that add dimension to my most drab rooms (including my den which is in serious need of a facelift). Today’s wallpapers are easy to hang and easy to remove and come in a variety of textures (including grasscloth, metallic and cork) and an abundance of colors.

I can highlight my fashion-forwardness by using today’s tangy fresh and bright color tones as an accessory in pillows, curtains and frames. I just hope I don’t fade into the background when I lounge against my latest accent pillows showing off my sense of style in a new saffron silk top with grey tassels.

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