{transitioning my son’s bedroom from tween to teen}

My son may not be like most other boys – at least not stereotypically!  You see, he doesn’t like a messy room and insists on clean bookshelves with only the basic necessities – a Webster’s dictionary, a framed photo of himself in his football uniform, a signed basketball and several trophies he’s earned from various sports – that’s it!

So when he took over his sister’s pink and yellow bedroom a few years back,  I asked him what color he’d like to paint. “You can paint anything you want as long as it isn’t loud,” he said. Wanting to please my young minimalist, I chose a gentle, but warm beige paint accompanied with white wood blinds for his windows. I then sewed panel curtains in soft beige and black stripes. Sophisticated, but understated, I decided.  Keep these points in mind when you go to decorate your teenage son’s room:

1.    Make it a comfortable place to hang out (with a book, some music or a few friends).

2.   Oversized pillows go a long way for kids to lounge on.

3.   Create one focal point: most kids’ bedrooms are average to small in size so don’t overwhelm the eye with too many distractions.  In my son’s  room, we made an old walnut-stained desk the main attraction

4.   Use neutral paint tones as a comfortable backdrop

5.   Use accessories to showcase your son’s attributes and passions. In my son’s case we used a grown-up sports theme – a signed basketball, a signed baseball bat, a framed jersey etc.   Curtains or panels add a warm touch to any bedroom. Use fabric even when you use blinds for the main window covering.

6.  Consult  resources like www.teen-bedrooms.com for some great ideas.

Yes, that little boy of mine is growing up. And even at 6’4”, he is still reminiscent of that little boy who just a few years ago wanted his bedroom to look like a pirate ship. But not anymore! He has transitioned to a sophisticated, tranquil design taste that is suggestive of his corner office about ten years from now!

One Response to “{transitioning my son’s bedroom from tween to teen}”

  1. Richa Says:

    What a lovely post. Brought tears to my eyes as I started imagining my son 10 years from now (he’s just 6 and very much into pirates and dinosaurs!)

    The room sounds very sophisticated. It’s so great that your son is such a ‘good boy’.

    Thanks for sharing.

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