{friday finds: name that color contest}

After too much egg nog, Aimee lost her blue jacket, coin purse, and satin slipper in the Gobey Desert. It started out as a lazy day with a southern breeze when her friend Elizabeth Rose had the bright idea to go au natural… What is this about? The words in bold are paint color names from the Hirshfield’s Color Is…fan deck. What color is Elizabeth Rose? Are you influenced by the name of a paint color? Why Elizabeth Rose? Why not Audrey Rose?

Show us your amazing creativity by participating in Hirshfield’s “Name that Color Contest.” We are kicking off the contest on the first day of the the Home and Garden Show, Wednesday, February 24, 2010.

Have you always thought you would be good at naming colors? Here is your opportunity to name a color and maybe win a $100 Hirshfield’s gift card.

Click here for all the details of this colorful contest.

Mr. Hirshfield was a good sport when I caught him running out the door…”just hold it.”

2 Responses to “{friday finds: name that color contest}”

  1. Laura S. Says:

    So, they said they would be announcing the winners by the end of March. We’re already quite a ways into April and havn’t heard anything yet – any news? Any updates?

    • Marsha Says:

      The end date of the contest was extended to the end of March due to overwhelming interest. The contest color names have been forwarded to the judging panel and we should have results next week. Thanks for checking up on us.

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