{local color: design grenade}

I cringe every time I see the {black, blue, and gray all over} post listed in “top posts.” I pulled images for this post late 2008 and early 2009, when the pickings were slim. I do remember being bowled over when I first saw the gray bedroom on decor8. A bedroom painted gray? What next?

Now, there are so many amazing black, blue, and gray rooms “out there” for all to enjoy. I would like to share this Minneapolis living room which was painted, furnished, styled, and photographed by the owner. I say that because it looks like it a magazine spread.

Benjamin Moore’s Galaxy 2117-20 was used on the walls. Can you tell it is a cross between aubergine and black? That color is what Michelle Lamb’s workshop with Hirshfield’s employees was all about: chameleon neutrals…bridging or transitional neutrals.

Read about Ken’s remodel on his blog Design Grenade.

As always, thank you for your business, and thank you Ken, for making our product look so good.

Shop local…68¢ out of your dollar stays in the community when you support locally owned businesses versus 43¢ at non-local businesses. Minnesotans hang on to your pennies, let’s not lose any more jobs.

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