{decorating with Inspiration}

My favorite store for eclectic wares is A Wreath of Franklin in Buffalo.  It was during my first visit several years ago that I “met” what is now the inspiration piece of my kitchen ~ a chandelier with a statuesque rooster as the focal point, surrounded by five red and gold striped lampshades with coordinating eyelash fringe. I didn’t buy the piece on this trip ~ even with considerable coaxing by my sisters-in-law ~ as I was quite certain that my husband would have me committed if I came home with a rooster chandelier! Think about it.

But, over the next weeks and months, I couldn’t stop thinking about this chandelier and dreamed of how I would decorate around it. Two trips to Buffalo later, “my” rooster came home with me and, much to my delight, my husband loved it as much as I did (well, “loved” may be a bit of a stretch here!).

I knew that the color and treatment of the walls was going to be the key to pulling this inspiration piece off. I consulted with a wonderful faux painting expert named Matt at the Hirshfield’s in Eden Prairie on how to achieve an “Old World” look without spending a lot of money. I attended a couple of Matt’s faux painting classes and then engaged in several conversations with him on how to achieve the look I wanted. He recommended a ragging-off process, using a buttery yellow base with a caramel-colored glaze, which was rolled on and then ragged off with damp, high-quality rags. The look is subtle, yet stunning!

With several more wrought iron accessories, curtain rods, paintings, and a variety of nicknacks to complement my rooster chandelier, I was able to transform my previously wall papered kitchen into a cozy place to gather with family and friends. All it took was a little vision, creativity, nerve (!), and elbow grease!

One Response to “{decorating with Inspiration}”

  1. Amy Hudson Says:

    Would be very interested in more information about the chandelier. Who is the manufacturer ? Is it available through an online lighting company and how much does it retail for?

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