{friday finds: plasters}



Holy Rusted Metal, Batman!

Melinda and Marc Bender were at the showroom yesterday sharing new products, techniques, and samples. They recently took a class at MIFF and worked with a new line of zero and low VOC products, from Japan, called Shizen.

Kyoto is a low VOC plaster consisting of interlocking fibers creating a clean, sophisticated Tuscan look. The fibers also bring added visual interest to the product. The photo does not do it justice.

Pataan is troweled on and will hold sharp clean lines and is easily manipulated into any pattern you want. Think of the different patterns seen in raked Japanese rock gardens. Also, a low VOC product.

Kai, not shown, is made from recycled sea shells along with soil and sand. The exciting news about Kai is that Modern Masters ran a Formaldehyde Absorption test and Kai cleans existing VOC’s from the air. It is also mold and mildew resistant.

The last finish is a reactive iron paint, layered over with a shimmerstone metallic plaster. Melinda turned it into a grid pattern with added embellishments. MIFF used this product in their space and graffiti wall. This product always looks great, but it is not a low VOC finish.

Kyoto, Pataan, and Kai are available in 160 colors.

Hirshfield’s designResource display some of the Bender’s samples in the showroom, otherwise feel free to call Melinda and Marc. They can do amazing things with a trowel.

One Response to “{friday finds: plasters}”

  1. Amy Says:

    I love the texture in that second one. It’s absolutely beautiful.

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