{area rugs…more than just a floor warmer}

Rug samples available at showroom.

With hardwood floors in most spaces of my house, I’ve invested a considerable amount of money in area rugs. In fact, much to my husband’s dismay, we ripped out “perfectly good carpeting” in exchange for hardwood floors, and then proceeded to buy area rugs to cozy up the space (or covering expensive floors, as my husband used to say).

In my opinion, it’s almost as difficult to buy an area rug as it is to buy art for your walls. The rugs will remain long after the paint job on the walls, and how do we really match a rug to furniture, paint color, artwork and accessories?

Here’s what I’ve learned in choosing (sometimes) costly (but oh so necessary) area rugs for my home:

*I know what color tones I like: *

While coordinating the rugs with a color scheme can be important to some, I’m too practical to pay too much attention to specific colors. I love warmer hues , so I choose rugs with these undertones – warm reds, dark beiges, soft blacks and golden browns. Because these tones are a constant, I keep my rugs for decades.

*Classic patterns are timeless patterns:*

Just like I gravitate to warmer tones, I also tend to stay away from geometric, contemporary and floral patterns (whether we talk clothing, fabric or rugs), but rather go for the more traditional look and feel reminiscent of Persian masterpieces and classic Oriental designs.

*Texture enhances rugs look and feel:*

Most of my rugs are made of highly durable wool, but there are several different textures and materials available. Silk, for example, is beautiful and gives a rich feel high in luster, but silk is a lot more expensive than wool. I also have a jute rug in my four-season porch, and I love its natural look and feel, but it does show stains easier than my wool rugs.

*Size does matter:*

Rugs frame the rooms in my house and I like a large rug in my family room that leaves about 12 to 18 inches of floor space. I use a round rug for my round kitchen table (leaving enough space to comfortably pull out the chairs), and with an open floor plan, I can also showcase the beauty of my hardwood floors that complement the rugs. In the past, in order to make sure that I choose the right size rug, I have laid down newspaper to visually see what the right rug size is for a specific room.

* *

Just like I would never buy art to match my sofa, I don’t want to buy rugs to match my paint color. But if you stick to the colors and patterns you like (and have liked for a long time), I’m sure you’ll you reduce opportunities for errors and regrets when you choose your next area rug for your home.

One Response to “{area rugs…more than just a floor warmer}”

  1. Kathy Basil Says:

    We have a fabulous assortment of area rugs at Hirshfield’s Design Resource. From contemporary to traditional, and several styles in between.If we can’t find the right size or color, no problem, most of the rug lines we carry have custom capabilities.

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