{choosing and using accent pillows}

Pillows from Hirshfield's showroom

One simple way to add some splash and variety to any room is by using accent pillows.
Accent pillows can achieve a big bang for the buck, and they are widely available at many retailers and are becoming less expensive all the time. For example, Hirshfield’s design center offers unique and great quality accent pillows.

You can keep your “extra” pillows in a tote and pull them out as needed. Don’t be afraid to use this perfect, inexpensive decorating tool in powerful ways:

Change your room by season. Use foliage pillows for fall, bright floral patterns for summer, wintry prints and knits for winter. Keep your room feeling fresh all year through.

Change your room by occasion. Having a birthday party? Pull out a “you are special” pillow, or a printed birthday cake accent pillow. Having friends over after a round of golf? Grab that embroidered “golfers” pillow and throw it on the couch before you head out to play. Your friends will be surprised by your personalized touch. (so easy!)

Change your room by trend. We all receive those great catalogs and wish our rooms looked like the ones we see in print. But if you just choose a few quality pillows that are in the latest design trend, you can “update” your room instantly. You can also add a great punch of color to any room in a flash.

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