{decorating differences}

One of the challenges of living with different personalities under the same roof, whether it be siblings, spouses or friends, is coming to an agreement on how to decorate.

It’s possible to make everyone happy, with a little compromise and some basic principles.

Choose a common color: Find a color you both (or all) like, and let that color take a primary role. Whether you make it the wall, furniture or accent color, everyone will be delighted in seeing it take center stage in the room. You can even add this favorite color to an existing room with wall art, decorative pillows or a new item of furniture.

Don’t be afraid to mix styles: If your husband doesn’t want florals in the bedroom but you just can’t live without them, try a small amount instead of making them the focal point. When you mix floral with some more masculine colors or prints – like leopard or dark furs, you can find a balance that both can live with. If it’s a contemporary v. traditional argument, choose key elements of each that complement. For example you might choose a contemporary style couch, but then choose a traditional fabric to go on it. Eclectic style allows for more compromise to accommodate varying tastes – just remember not to be too rigid.

Try something new: If you really can’t agree on a plan, head to a furniture or paint store together and look at room styles you like and color groupings on display. Perhaps something will spark your eye that is palatable for all parties – and maybe it will even be something new and different than what you had in mind originally. Don’t shy away from the new, especially if everyone agrees!

2 Responses to “{decorating differences}”

  1. Titanium Earrings : Says:

    wall arts are nice addtion to a great home too. my kids love to see wall arts ..

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    […] your home think about the ‘feel’ you want to have. Do you want it to be bright or cozy, masculine or feminine, opulent or […]

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