{making old furniture new again}

Most people love the distressed style furniture they see in store catalogs, but often don’t want to afford their hefty price tags.  Myself included.  Always looking for a bargain, over the years I have found many inexpensive pieces of furniture and then done my own distressing.  And what’s the worst that could happen if you don’t like what you’ve created?  You have only spent a fractional amount of money, so you’ve really got nothing to lose.

One of my first such projects was a darling coffee table I found at an antique store.  It was $10.  There was a crack along the top (adds character!) and it had a brown, dirty watermarked top.  It needed a face-lift, but overall it was a sturdy, durable, perfectly sized table, and I knew with a little imagination and some spray paint it could be transformed.

Spray paint became my new best friend!  First I sprayed the whole thing deep red.  After it was fully dry, I rubbed a bar of soap along the edges of the table – legs, top and shelf.  Next the whole thing received a new coat of black, satin spray paint.  The final finishing step was to rub off the black paint where I had applied the soap – to create a two-color layered distressed effect.  (I saw this technique on TV) It worked like a charm and $20 later ($10 table + $10 in spray paint) I had myself a new table for my sitting area.

I also love spray paint to revive old light fixtures – try layering brown and black to create the ever-popular antiqued color.  Simply begin with a can of brown paint in one hand and black in the other.  Lightly spray brown, then black, layering the color lightly as you paint.  Be sure not to “over paint”, you’ll get a goopy result.  Amazing how an outdated brass lighting fixture can receive a second chance…and save you $400-500 in the process.  Even exterior light fixtures can benefit from this technique, just use outdoor paint.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to reuse your “old” things and make them shine like a ‘new’ antique – and you can even add style in the process.  Don’t be afraid to try it – you’ll be surprised how quickly spray paint can become your new best friend and the character added to your home.

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