New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

As 2009 draws to a close and the New Year waits in the wings, I think many people begin to feel an impending sense of anxiety.  Ugh.  New Year’s Resolutions.

But resolutions don’t have to fill you with a sense of dread — as long as you approach them the right way.  Especially when it comes to your home.  If you mix in fun yet realistic and attainable resolutions you will be much more likely to start the New Year right!

First, make a list of all your hopes, dreams and necessities.  Be sure to think big during this process too, and don’t let cost or time limit you.  Don’t forget to include easy tasks, simple projects and essential maintenance items.  This will allow you to be thorough and multi-dimensional.  Broad analysis of your home is key.

Next, assess an allotment of time and money next to each item on the list.  Do your best and use the Internet, if needed, to evaluate costs.  Remember this is just a starting point.

Third, evaluate which items are essential vs. luxury.  Go down the list and place a letter “E” or “L” by each.  Be as practical as possible – remember the ultimate goal is to set resolutions that are attainable.

Once you have these things all down on paper, your vision for 2010 will be more clear.  The final step is to create your resolutions list; based on cost, priority and realistic time line for completion.  Hopefully you will find that a small amount of analyzing and planning will take you a long way toward actually accomplishing your home’s New Year’s Resolutions.  Bring on 2010!

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