{great gift ideas!}

The holidays are here, and for many of us, presents are wrapped, beribboned, and ready to go.  But if you’re stuck on what to give your sister-in-law Alice or your uncle Bruce, here are a few gift ideas.

Homey Gifts

I love it when people buy me gifts that I’m too frugal to buy for myself, or gifts that I “want” but don’t “need.”  For example, I could use another serving bowl—but it’s not a crucial thing for me to have, so I haven’t bought one.  It’s great to buy people those little luxuries for the home that they may not splurge on themselves:  cashmere throws (keeping in mind the color palette of the home), a special table linen, a serving set, monogrammed towels, etc.

If you’re seeking a gift for someone who likes to decorate, has recently moved into a new home, or is starting a household, a magazine subscription in a category of decorating, home improvement, cooking, or the like may be welcome.  Think about the individual’s personal style to determine what magazine would best suit their interests.

Personalized gifts are great, too.  My husband and I have been married for nearly 10 years, and every year as we decorate for Christmas, I think fondly about my friend’s parents who got us our personalized Christmas stockings as a wedding gift.  Holiday gifts such as an advent candle, a menorah, holiday-themed platters or serving utensils, etc., are unique and may be used for decades to come.  Just make sure the recipient doesn’t have a dozen already!

Consumable Gifts

I love giving people gifts that will be consumed and don’t add clutter to a home.  For example, my husband’s out-of-state grandma loves a local upscale grocery store, so one year we picked out her favorite items for Christmas and sent them off.  The gift was a huge hit!  Think about specialty foods that people might not normally get for themselves, or foods grown or made locally that your far-off loved ones may not be able to get.  For example, for chocolate lovers, buy your favorite truffles or toffee from a neighborhood store; for a wine lover, wine from a local vineyard; for your gourmet cook, unique sauces, marinades, herbs, or spices.


This is another gift category that I love.  Think about experiences your gift recipient would like—tickets to a concert, sporting event, museum, arboretum, theatre, or zoo.  Or a day pass to go downhill skiing; cooking lessons; a membership to a family play area—the sky’s the limit.  What fits their personality and life stage?

Hopefully the ideas above will get you brainstorming about those final gifts to buy.  Maybe Alice wants gardening tools and Bruce tickets to an NHL game.  Whatever you decide, have a wonderful holiday season and great New Year!

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