{window treatment trends}

Changing (or adding) window treatments is an easy way to update your room without opting for a complete overhaul — and even better, there are top trends in window treatments. Becky Eggers, window treatment expert and color consultant at Hirshfield’s Roseville location, shares trend observations from her store.


  • Energy Efficiency: A lot of people are requesting high-efficiency shades for energy savings, such as Hunter Douglas’ Duette Architella, which has two honeycomb layers to provide extra energy-efficiency. Inserted into the decorative layer is a semi-opaque or opaque layer for added efficiency.

Hunter Douglas Provenance

  • Woven natural shades: Customers are looking for texture and a little variation in color that honeycomb shades do not provide. Woods, bamboo, reeds, and grasses are a few of the organic textures that are popular choices.


  • Vignette Modern Shade: This variation of the roman shade offers a contemporary, sleeker appearance. Especially popular is a 6″ tailored fold, flat roman shade, in textures or tone on tone patterns.


  • The Silhouette: Always a popular choice. Suspended between two sheers is the fabric vane which offers precise lighting control. Instead of the 2″ vane, customers are choosing the 3″ or 4″ vanes, which offers them a cleaner, not so busy, look.

Take advantage of our employee’s expertise when it comes to window trends. They know the business. Now is a good time to update your windows with an energy-efficient product that will qualify for a Federal Tax Credit of up to $1,500.

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