{holiday decor inspiration}

Looking to spice up your holiday décor this year? What could be more fun than getting fresh ideas from a friend? Try having a cup of tea with a neighbor or pal and share with one another what you do to make your homes festive each year. Sometimes the best new ideas are actually “borrowed” ones!

Here’s our list of easy decorating concepts you can borrow in the meantime:

  • Use fabric: Try burlap to accentuate a nativity scene or other figurine display. It’s inexpensive and rustic, a perfect fit for any holiday decorating. If you’re showcasing items on a table or shelf, hang it and put twinkle lights behind to appear as shining stars. If it is on a table, mound the burlap underneath your crèche or stable and bunch it up in areas where you have your animals live.
  • Use paper: Use seasonal wrapping paper to cover an entryway door or kitchen cupboards and tape your abundance of Holiday cards for all to see. You will enjoy the darling photos instead of hiding them in a dish or basket where they can’t be seen, and all your guests will love perusing your display. Tip: My kids love this “job” and eagerly await the mail each day so they can tape up the newest cards in places of honor. They can also “wrap” the door or cupboard for you, while you fuss with other more complicated jobs, like hanging garland!

  • Use nature: This time of year there are many wonderful items in your own backyard (or a neighbor’s) to use for pots or home decorating. Harvest those overgrown hydrangeas and place next to evergreens or in a festive colored vase for a mantle. Or try some branches with berries – there are some great orange and red berry varieties this time of year – to accent a standard evergreen mantle. Combining real with artificial gives you more bang for your buck, so add those flowers and berries to your tired out, artificial garland to give it new life!

If the holidays have you tapped for time already, then look no further than these fabulous, yet simple concepts to make your home merry and bright this season. (And when you’re done, be sure to have a friend over for a sip of cheer to show off your festive house!)

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