{trade secrets: prep & paint}

Painting may seem like a simple job, but in truth, it can be almost an art form to paint well.  Here are some tips from Mark Masica, manager of Hirshfield’s Edina store, to make sure you’re getting the most out of your paint job:

  • A paint job is only as good as the prep work beneath it: It takes more than a great color to create a beautiful room.  According to Mark, “Filling holes, cleaning, dusting and wiping down the walls are all important prep steps to ensure a clean paint job.”  Light fixture and hardware should be removed before you begin painting, so if you later change them out, the unpainted area won’t show.
  • Paint ceiling and trim before walls: Though it can be tempting to start painting the walls of a room first — a common mistake for first-time painters — Masica suggests starting with the ceiling.  “Even the most careful painter runs a risk of getting some of the ceiling paint color on the walls.   If you paint the ceiling first and have a little misstep, you don’t have to re-do a wall you’ve just finished.”
  • Paint trim with a brush, not a roller: This might seem like a simple change, but it can have a big impact on the overall look of a room.  Using a brush to paint trim allows you to be more precise and creates a more polished look.

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