Painting With Yellow: Buttery is Best

Before our first baby arrived, my husband I painted the nursery summer yellow with a light blue ceiling and clouds. Of course, we made the choice because we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl. Yellow, in the baby world, is the gender-neutral color of choice. There is nothing like a nice, buttery yellow to warm the room and create a soft place for a baby to land in this world.

When we remodeled our vintage 1940 Dutch colonial the color that covered our walls was a deep, faux painted goldenrod yellow. The glow ran wall to wall and embraced the living room with an inviting hospitality that relaxed our visitors. Each of our homes since then has had at least one room painted in a version of this same glowing tint.

yellow-wallWhat I am not mentioning is how many samples of yellow I went through to arrive at these ideal tones. The best yellow is chosen with care by a critical eye. If it airs on the side of greenish yellow it can become cold or flat. If it airs on the side of brownish yellow it can become uncomfortable and trigger the gag reflex. And if it airs on the side of fluorescent yellow it can become loud and distracting. Yes, yellow can be temperamental but when you get it just right it will travel with you from house to house like a favorite quilt to keep you warm. Check back next week for some tips on using yellow in your home from Kathy Basil of Hirshfield’s Design Studio.

Photos from Great Interior Design.

One Response to “Painting With Yellow: Buttery is Best”

  1. Lora Cuellar Says:

    May u olease tellme what color this yellow may be!!!

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