{stencil love}

moroccan-archesMoroccan Arches

Henna-Stair-Risers-21Henna Stair Risers

Benjamin Moore TattooBenjamin Moore Tattoo

Like the look of a dark wall? Add a tone on tone stencil to give it a bit more glam.Break up any painted wall & give it more glam with a tone on tone stencil.

lanterns-final-5Lantern love

Modello-Ceiling-3Ceiling modello

I can’t decide on my favorite. How about you? Are you feeling the love? An amazing look is what you get when working with stencils and modellos. As you can see, they can be used anywhere and on anything in your home

If you are not familiar with the term “modello,” it is a one time use masking pattern. Just like a stencil, but comes with adhesive already applied to the back. If you look closely at the last image you can see the creases in the paper as he applies the modello to the ceiling. Make certain to click on the link and see the finished ceiling. The blue you see in the photo is the adhesive, not the painted ceiling.

For more information please contact the Plaster Center. The Plaster Center has stencils on hand for purchase, stencil catalogs to look through, and knowledge to share. They can recommend local artisans who specialize in the field of stenciling and hand painting if you want the help of a local expert.

Thank you to Melanie Royal for allowing us to use her photos. Designamour, is her blog, Royal Design Studio is her stencil line, and Modello Designs, her modellos.

Research on-line and shop local68¢ out of your dollar stays in the community when you support locally owned businesses versus 43¢ at non-local businesses. Minnesotans hang on to your pennies!

One Response to “{stencil love}”

  1. Marsha Says:

    Take a look at {stencil love II}. Melinda Bender did such a great job stenciling the west wall in our design studio, people mistake it for a damask wallcovering.


    I saw some of the Bender’s new samples and they look fun and fabulous. Strias, bejeweled, inter-locking geometrics, hand tooled leather, and great new colors to name a few.

    The design studio is right across from IMS; if you are in the neighborhood stop in and see the stencil application and other wall treatments crafted by the Benders.

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