{what every self-respecting kitchen deserves}

Looking at the stats for Hirshfield’s Color Club blog, we notice a fair amount of people coming to this site have used “kitchen” as part of their search terms. The list includes: Kitchen island, kitchen cabinets painted white, counter top for white kitchens, white cupboards, and so on.

Just as every kitchen needs a sharp paring knife, every respectable kitchen deserves beautiful and easily maintained walls (think wallpaper or paint), cabinets, woodwork and ceiling. Hirshfield’s can help you with that. But, if your search brought you here looking for something else kitchen-related, read on for exciting news. . .

To all interested “kitchen” parties, our friends at Warner’s Stellian opened a Miele gallery just last week in their Edina location. This is the only Miele gallery in the United States, mind you!

Miele is a German company with clean lines and a contemporary design. Come to think of it, so is our company.

Miele kitchen

Miele kitchen

2 Responses to “{what every self-respecting kitchen deserves}”

  1. Julie Warner Says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Marsha. Miele’s line is truly stunning. It’s funny to watch customers sort of gravitate towards the display in awe!

    We’ll post the professional pictures soon for some real inspiration.

  2. {kitchen therapy} « Hirshfield's Color Club Says:

    […] still looking for kitchens? Now I’m looking for kitchens! Let me share a few thoughts and photos before I turn you loose […]

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