{friday finds: eijffinger}

Welcome Eijffinger!

Finally. We have been waiting sooo long for you to come to Minnesota. Hirshfield’s is very excited to offer your Gracia and Belle de Jour books to our customers.

Eijffinger is a Dutch wallcovering and fabric company that caught my eye a few years back. Their wallcoverings and room settings have that European feel which always pulls me in. In addition to beautiful neutral designs, other patterns are big, bold, and bright.

Belle de Jour



Belle de Jour

Belle de Jour

Belle de Jour


The substrate on the wallcoverings from the Belle de Jour book is a 100% non woven which makes the papers easy up and easy down. Cindy, at our Maple Grove store, has hung and stripped non woven paper. She cannot say enough good things about it. “It is breathable, doesn’t shrink, very strippable, comes down in one big sheet. It is the greatest.” She also stresses, “preparation is still the key to a successful wallcovering job.”

Thinking about wallcovering, but are apprehensive? Ask to be directed to the non woven books at our retail stores. See what they look and feel like. Let Hirshfield’s staff help you find your personal style.

Thank you for your patronage.

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{friday finds: thibaut’s damask resource volume 3}

Great looking wallpaper is what Thibaut is bringing to your home with the release of Damask Resource Volume 3. Thibaut is updating the look of their damasks with gold foil and cork peeking from the background, raised patterns, and heavy on the metallics. Perfect timing for the resurgence of all that is Victorian…with a 2010 twist. Enjoy the wonderful room settings that Thibaut always provides.

In London recently I saw wallcovering used in so many specialty shops, salons, and restaurants, that it made my heart sing. The English get “it” when it comes to wallcovering.

For additional eye candy from Damask Resource visit the Thibaut website. The new books should be available in our stores in a couple of weeks.

Shop local…For every $1.00 you spend in a local business, 68¢ stays in your community. Spend that $1.00 in a national chain and 43¢ stays in your community. Support your local businesses.

Thank you for your patronage.

{friday finds: imperial trellis by Schumacher}

House and Garden

First introduced in 2005, by designer Kelly Wearstler, Imperial Trellis has to be the overall best selling Schumacher pattern. A classic pattern, offered in a great array of colors, makes it well suited for any room in your home.

I thought I would have tired of the pattern by now, but it is as fresh looking to me now, as the first time I saw it. What are your thoughts? Still loving it?

Anna Spiro's office - Absolutely Beautiful Things

Gwyneth Paltrow - House and Garden


Unknown origin

Absolutely Beautiful Things

Wearstler stationery

Apartment Therapy also loves the trellis, and they are sharing the love in an “Ode to Imperial Trellis.” I don’t usually care for the yellow and grey combo but their “House Tour” images are the best looking of the group.

Hirshfield’s carries the Schumacher books, but just not at every location…call first…and as always, we appreciate your business.

{house of turquoise and thibaut}

This roomset is from Thibaut's Serendipity book

The lovely Miss Erin, from House of Turquoise, did a compilation of Thibaut wallpapers a few weeks back….and since we have Thibaut papers on sale for the month of April I thought I’d take advantage of Erin’s hard work

Erin helping out with "Name that Color Contest"

If you are not familiar with Erin’s site, it is all about her love of turquoise. Her site will soothe your soul on those crazy days when all your worlds collide. She hails from Minnesota and is an international star in the world of decor with House of Turquoise. Her site will not disappoint.

Now back to the business of the Thibaut sale:

  • In addition to Thibaut papers, Blue Mountain, Norwall, and Washington papers are on sale for the month of April
  • on top of everyday pricing, which is less ? off retail, receive an additional ? off
  • free freight on your order if it is shipped via UPS ground

I was contacted by one of the wallpaper vendors and was asked to remove the sale discounts, as it goes against their policy. Please contact one of our locations or send me an e-mail with any questions. In a whispered voice, “it’s a really good sale.”

As always we appreciate your patronage and your support of a local business.

{friday finds: chinoiserie wallpaper countdown}

Images from Chinoiserie Chic

Chinoiserie is one of my all time favorite words…I like how it looks on paper and I love the way it sounds (sheen-waz-a-ree). Chinoiserie, according to Webster, is a style that reflects Chinese qualities or motifs, an object or decoration. Europe fell in love with the Asian influence of China and Japan in the early to mid 18th century.

Beth Connolly pens the blog, Chinoiserie Chic, where she shares her love of Chinoiserie and design. Lucky for us, Beth is showcasing her top 10 Chinoiserie wallpapers and her picks are very shareworthy.

You can appreciate the timeless beauty of these papers, even if this design style is not your favorite. Chinoiserie designs make a huge impact. These papers look great in foyers, powder rooms, bedrooms, walk-in closets, or framed out with molding creating a piece of artwork. A little Chinoiserie goes a long way.

Thibaut image

Chinoiserie wallpapers are found in a number of the Hirshfield’s wallpaper books. Browse on your own or let the sales staff get you started in the right direction. Unable to find the paper that speaks to you, the design studio has a great collection of higher end books for your viewing pleasure.

For the month of April, Thibaut papers are 25% off everyday pricing, plus save an additional 10% off, plus free shipping on domestic ground. Now that’s a sale! Thibaut Wallcovering offers the high-end look, without the high-end price tag, and the majority of our retail stores carry the Thibaut books.

Get into our stores and take advantage of this great sale!

{friday finds: wallpaper sale}

Have I got a deal for you! This week’s Friday Find is the great wallpaper sale at our retail locations.

Select vendors have extended an additional 10% off to Hirshfield’s, and we are passing that discount along to you.  Our every day pricing, is 25-30% off, plus an additional 10% off, plus free shipping on UPS ground shipments in the United States.  Check with the store for complete details on which books are on sale for the month of March.

Don’t you love this vintage Hirshfield’s ad? It is one of my favorites. My boss said I could share the ad if I added a disclaimer, just in case someone thought this was a current ad.

  • We do not have wallpaper for 79¢ a roll, but we could find a roll in the back room for you.
  • We carry more than 1100 colors.
  • We no longer carry Fuller O’Brien paint. We manufacture our own paint line.
  • Our hours are different. Remember when retailers were not open on Sunday?
  • We no longer have stores at 824 Hennepin, Brookdale, or 6457 South Lyndale,  but we do have a few other locations.
  • Free delivery on select vendors for the month of March.

Take advantage of our sale with all the fabulous looking wallflowers and textures available today.  We’ll start small. All I’m asking for is one accent wall, or a powder room. It is time to let go of that grudge you have against wallpaper. Remember it’s all in the prep work!

Shop local…Out of every dollar, 68¢ stays in your community vs. 43¢. We need that money in our communities.

{the birds}

In a previous post, I mentioned a trend presentation for Hirshfield’s employees where Michelle Lamb, trend and color forecast authority, spoke about upcoming trends.

One of the trends to watch for are birds, especially owls; they are going to be big…really, really big. Starting last year the bird trend was beginning to take hold, and Michelle was so spot on for this year. Birds have taken over every aspect of design and decor.

Gatehouse wallcovering

Wallcoverings from Gatehouse and Residence wallcovering books.

Apartment Therapy at NY International Gift Fair

Thanks to Apartment Therapy for their post from the New York International Gift Fair. Products shown are available in a few months. Enlarge the brown bedding image – the stylized owls are fantastic.

Pottery Barn knows a trend when they see one.


Image from Cookie Tell me why I like this room so much?

Wall decal available at our retail locations. Roseville has one up in their kids area.

Nina Campbell birdcage pattern

You can't escape The Birds

Additional photos of the trendy birds can be found on Hirshfield’s facebook page.


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