{friday finds: hirshfield’s best selling paint color: 3am latte}

0175 3am Latte

0175 3am Latte

“Still The One”
We’ve been together since way back when
Sometimes I never want to see you again
But I want you to know
After all these years
You’re still the one…

 I feel the lyrics from this 70’s song describes the relationship H’s employees have with 3am Latte. Or maybe I’m projecting?

I sent an email to our stores yesterday asking for their 10 best-selling Hirshfield’s paint colors. I realized it’s been 3½ years since Hirshfield’s Top 15 Paint Colors appeared on the blog. I think it’s time for an update, don’t you? So far, six stores have responded and I was surprised to see 3am Latte on all their lists…again. With gray being such a color powerhouse in the design world and the “IT” neutral for wall color, I wondered why is 3am Latte still so popular with our customers?

I made some inquiries and here’s what Hirshfield’s color experts shared:

 “This is a color that gives you the intensity of a darker color without being too dark. It’s “Minnesota brown” all the way. A little gold, a little brown, it’s a color that goes with a lot of fabrics. A great neutral background that works with patterns and solids.”  Jon – Hirshfield’s Eden Prairie & Edina

“We live in Minnesota where some people think salt, pepper, and catsup are spicy. These customers don’t want anything “too spicy” on their walls. When customers come in asking for a neutral (with a little color) I show them 3am Latte. Sometimes it’s toooo much color. If they’re receptive to trying a sample at home, seven out of ten customers end up liking the color, and return to buy it. An all-around good neutral.” Nate – Hirshfield’s Apple Valley

“3am Latte can work in every room in your home. A darker color without being too dark-it gives you intensity. It’s a cozy, organic looking color. Masculine enough for a man cave, works with an “up north” color palette, and with just about any accent color. Crisp and classy looking against white enamel woodwork. A nice contrast with lighter colors like Little Dove 0006. If you want to work gray walls into your home’s color scheme, look at these grays: 0519 Baby Seal, 0568 Cloudy Today, 0504 Indian Tears. 3am Latte is a good compliment to the undertones in these (Hirshfield’s) grays.” Becky – Hirshfield’s Roseville & Design Studio

“We’ve had so many success stories with this color; for a lot of us, it’s our go-to color when customers come in wanting a neutral. I recommend 3am Latte for rental properties because it goes with everything: woodwork, painted trim, accent colors, carpets, and tile.” Aaron – Hirshfield’s Maple Grove

 Another color mystery solved. I misjudged 3am Latte; now I know why “It’s Still the One.” This color deserves an A+ for playing well with others. If you’re having difficulty finding a good neutral take a look-see at Hirshfield’s 3am Latte. Or is it too spicy for you?

{friday finds: vt wonen loves to paint}

vt 12-2013 cover zonder rug en fluo-1

VT Wonen is a fabulous home interiors magazine from the Netherlands. I haven’t seen the magazine in real life, but their on-line presence is outstanding. Great images. They’re not afraid of color. I love how they get a little crazy when they paint.


Painting the ceiling and bringing the color down the wall, creates a cozy feel to a room with high ceilings. Add a couple of pieces of furniture painted in the same color family and you have a one-of-kind look for your room.


Can’t find that perfect rug? Try painting one on your floor. To pull off this look you’ll have to move to a Scandinavian country, paint all your walls white, then paint your floor. You’ll find  more “moody blues” right here and here. Read the rest of this entry »

{friday finds: the grays still have it in the midwest}


Chelsea Gray HC-168 – Benjamin Moore

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, the Peace Garden state, and America’s Dairyland, our customers are still loving grays. Warm or cool, they can’t get enough of the color.

You may recognize the gray bedroom from a recent post. Here are additional photos from this contemporary Lafayette, California home where the designer chose some of the best grays from Benjamin Moore to anchor the home’s color palette.

livingroomCumulus Cloud 1550 – Benjamin Moore

stonehearthStone Hearth 984 – Benjamin Moore

balboamist,jpegBalboa Mist 1549 – Benjamin Moore

This color can change quite drastically in different light – in this room it goes very gray. hope that helps!
 Holly Bender 

kitchenLondon Fog 1541 – Benjamin Moore

bedroomGray Huskie 1473 and White Dove OC-17 trim – Benjamin Moore

 I like how the designer and home owner mixed vintage pieces with modern pieces, or updated an “already owned” piece with a new and exciting fabric selection. Such luxurious fabrics used throughout the entire home. (A girl can dream, can’t she?) It makes a house feel like a home. A really fantastic looking home. Props to designer Holly Bender  and Scott Hargis Photography.


Hirshfield’s Labor Day Paint Sale is running now through September 3, 2013 with savings on interior and exterior paints and stains.

{friday finds: H’s exterior housepainting classes}


Hirshfield’s free Housepainting Classes begin August 12. Learn how to identify and solve your house painting problems. Mark Masica, Hirshfield’s Color Services Manager, will guide you step by step – from preparation to application. Get helpful tips on selecting the right combinations of color for your house. Mark has helped hundreds of Minnesotans with color schemes for their homes. This seminar will also give you guidance and confidence to make choosing your own house colors easier and less worrisome. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned homeowner, Hirshfield’s free housepainting class will be an hour well-spent.

Register to win $50 Hirshfield’s Gift Card the night of the class.

This event is free and open to the public. Space is limited and guests are asked to RSVP for the event.
Monday, August 12 at Hirshfield’s Edina Class starts at 6:30PM
Tuesday, August 13 at Hirshfield’s Woodbury Class starts at 6:30PM
Wednesday, August 14 at Hirshfield’s Maple Grove Class starts at 6:30PM

Monday, August 19 at Hirshfield’s Roseville Class starts at 6:30PM
Tuesday, August 20 at Hirshfield’s Apple Valley Class starts at 6:30PM
Wednesday, August 21 at Hirshfield’s Coon Rapids Class starts at 6:30PM

Reservations required.
Ticketing and registration is handled through EVENTBRITE. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.
You will receive a “ticket” from Eventbrite confirming your reservation.
It is not necessary to print your ticket — your seat is guaranteed once you receive order confirmation from Eventbrite.

Or you may call (612) 374-0203 and leave the following information:

  • name
  • phone number
  • location you wish to attend
  • number attending

Painting 101 classes starting the end of September, 2013. We’ll keep you posted.

{friday finds: it’s a paint sale this weekend!}


Hirshfield’s is having a 5 day paint sale – now through Monday, July 29, 2013.


Have you used Hirshfield’s paint products? Give the paint that’s manufactured locally (Minneapolis) a try! Here are a couple comments from customers who tried our Platinum Ceramic paint:

Hello – I want to commend you on your Platinum Ceramic paint.  I am the worst painter in the world and it’s something I dread doing.  However, I recently decided to repaint a bedroom in my home and I used Hirshfield’s Platinum Ceramic paint. I was amazed at how great it was to work with.  No spatter, dried evenly, easy to cut in with, and on and on.  I have never used such a great paint. I may even live to paint another room or two!  Thanks very much for the great product.

Nancy from St. Paul

My husband and I just finished painting our entryway with your Premium Ceramic Eggshell paint. I wasn’t sure at first because I’d used something “advanced” and “new” from a different paint store and it was very unforgiving. However, I couldn’t be happier with the paint we just used. Yes, it was roughly the consistency of cake batter which was somewhat disconcerting at first but the coverage was amazing and the roller splatter was much less than the average paint. Plus, clean-up was much faster than usual – there was almost no bleeding under the tape. I will definitely use this paint again!

Posted on Hirshfield’s Facebook from satisfied customer R.C.W.

You can also save on these deck and siding products:

july25_sale_18Hope to see you in one of our stores this weekend, if not, have a fantastic weekend! It looks like the next three days are going to be cooler and no rain. If you’re in the paint business “no rain” is a very good thing.

{friday finds: what’s on sale}


Hirshfield’s Paints are on sale through Monday, May 6, 2013.

Any graduations or confirmations coming up this spring? Take advantage of this great sale if some of your rooms need a fresh coat of paint or new window treatments. Don’t be like me and wait until the week before, and then decide to paint; you know when you have nothing else to do.

Have a fab weekend. I’m looking forward to the sunshine next week!

{friday finds: thinking about an exterior paint make-over this spring?}

Your home says a lot about you. Both inside and out, it is a reflection of your style, personality, and the family who lives there. Making sure your home is an accurate reflection of you is exactly what our Hirshfield’s color specialists are trained to do. Painting the exterior of your house is a very large project that you want to get right on the very first try. If you’ve already made a trip into the paint store to admire the thousands of paint options, you may be seeking an expert to give you specific color suggestions that match your home and personality.

An exterior color call typically starts in the interior of the home because the inside of your house is a great reflection of your style. A color specialist will also take time to interview you as the homeowner to ask you about your color preferences, and even take into account the existing colors in the neighborhood so that your house stands out from your neighbors’, but still complements the look of the neighborhood. Finally, your color specialist will evaluate the permanent or semi-permanent fixtures around your home, such as windows, fixtures, and landscaping like plants, trees, or front walks.

After the consultation is complete, the specialist presents 4-6 color options to choose from for the main color of the house which covers 70-75% of the exterior. Accent colors are then chosen for the trim and remainder of the home. Your new exterior color will change the look of your house– and hopefully make your neighbors just a little bit jealous!

To see one of our Hirshfield’s color specialists, Kathy Basil, explain the exterior color call process, check out the video below:

{friday finds: flerique by eijffinger)


I’m excited to show you a new wallpaper book from Eijffinger called Fleurique. I know Eijffinger isn’t for everyone, but it appeals to my sense of style. The strong colors, patterns, and European flair is what I like most about this line.

This book is inspired by brightly colored flowers. Rounding out the book are stripes, overscaled snowflakes, raised patterns with matte and glossy finishes playing together. Never a dull color in the Eijffinger books.







Fleurique surprised me with the elongated triangles shown here in neutrals, which also is available in a lovely pink. And how cool is wallpaper that looks like shiny, iridescent eyes of peacock feathers? It’s a modern looking pattern not found in other wallpaper books; plus, it’s available in some doable neutral colorways. I see patterns from this book crossing the line from residential to commercial applications. Eijffinger has not disappointed me yet.

The wallcovering libraries vary at each Hirshfield’s location. Call in advance if you are looking for a specific book, and ask if the book is checked in. Our stores are seeing a steady increase in customers looking for wallpaper which is very exciting for us wallpaper lovers.

{friday finds: x marks the spot with cross-stitch}



This awesome painted cross-stitch mural caught my eye back in March of 2011 when it was featured on Bloesem. I’d never seen anything like this before; I was so inspired by Eline’s creativity I was going to paint my own cross-stitch mural. Well, that hasn’t happened… yet, but I’m still impressed and inspired by such lovely work. Wonderful cross-stitch pieces are showing up in the design and DIY worlds. Was Eline’s work the catalyst for this emerging trend? Or is cross-stitch gaining popularity because of the renewed interest in all that is vintage?


Cross-stitch carpets



I can’t tell if Bambi is painted or stitched;  it doesn’t matter because it is so endearing. And paired with the crocheted throw…perfection.


Spring 2012 at High Point – from Gan


Close up of rug from Bliss 


Eline Pellinkhof via Freshome

 Eline’s painted cross-stitch patterns add a touch of whimsy to any room. Painting lets you customize the colors for any space in your home. Hang an empty frame on the wall and paint a cross-stitch project inside it. You can go big or small with picture frames.


Peg board cross-stitch project from Beci Orpin


Cross-stitch with the versatile washi tape 


Inge Jacobsen


*Explanation Required Pinterest Challenge with how-to steps

What’s old is new again. How fun to see the traditional cross-stitch design transformed into new and exciting pieces for modern day interiors. What’s next? This line from The Rocky Horror Picture Show popped into my head:  I’m shivering from antici—–pation.


Addendum: I found this very cool painted floor cross-stitch. Oh, the possibilities.

{friday finds: home sweet home}

Here’s the story of a lovely lady, who saved 30,000 bottle caps…

This story warms my heart in so many ways: ingenuity, creativity, recycling, the want or need to express your personal sense of style, and my favorite, yard art. Olga lives in a small, isolated Russian village (north of Mongolia) and saved bottle caps until she had enough to cover her home. She crafted the designs after traditional macrame motifs and animals in her area. Pretty amazing, eh. You can read her story and see more photos here, but these insightful comments say it quite nicely:

Our magic comes from within, inspired by the world we inhabit and the resources we stumble across. How to teach people to listen to the small voice that guides them to the plastic bottle caps, and allows them to be viewed as beautiful? Olga? How did you do it?

Resourceful and fantastic. best things come from necessity and imagination.

Have a glorious weekend. And maybe you’ll think of Olga and be inspired to do something…big or small, it makes no difference.


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