{friday finds: extra 10% off Hunter Douglas}

hunter douglas window treatment

 I don’t like promoting sales on Friday Finds, but I feel it’s in your best interest to remind you about Hirshfield’s Hunter Douglas Sale.

Save an additional 10% on Hunter Douglas window treatments and take advantage of 2013 pricing when you place your order by March 31, 2014. New price increases on Hunter Douglas products go into effect April 1, 2014.

Plus, select Hunter Douglas energy-efficient products qualify for the Energy Smart Rebates of $25 or $50 off per unit. Click here for details on the Hunter Douglas sale and see the additional window treatments on sale.

Hirshfield’s window treatment experts will wow you with their window treatment IQ and competitive pricing. I’ve said it before, they know all the questions to ask and they know so much about the products. They’re amazing. Stop by one of our 15 showrooms or set up an appointment with Shop at Home.

Have a glorious weekend!

P.S. Bachman’s 2014 Spring Ideas House opened yesterday…”Aegean Oasis” is this season’s theme. Additional information can be found right here.

{window treatment wednesday: creating a hypoallergenic environment}


Palm Beach ™ polysatin shutter repels dust!

Window Treatment Wednesday: Creating a Hypoallergenic Environment

Just a few years ago I developed seasonal allergies. What a pain—the itchy eyes, stuffiness, blowing nose—not fun to deal with. I never thought about how my window treatments could make my allergies worse or better until I heard about the topic from Minneapolis window coverings expert Shannon Scarrella.

Shannon explained that because mold and dust are some of the worst allergens in our homes, the right window treatment can make a big difference. Although any material can attract dust, products that are easier to clean are your best bet if you have allergies. Read the rest of this entry »

{window treatment wednesday: top window treatment trends of 2013}

Top Window Treatment Trends of 2013 monterey-sulu-zm

Once November starts, it’s Thanksgiving prep time, then the holidays are here and then the new year. Ready or not, the year is wrapping up. What were some of the top window treatment trends of 2013?

Natural organics. Window treatments that evoked feelings of the outdoors and nature were still a big trend this year. From natural, woven materials to bamboo, people gravitated toward organic materials that added a sophisticated yet soothing look to their homes.

Color added. Homeowners felt more daring and added splashes of color via window treatments. Dining rooms, which have harder surfaces, were a good place to showcase luxurious patterns and colors, adding a softer element. Bedrooms were a good place for bright, unexpected reds or other colors that added visual pop. Read the rest of this entry »

{window treatment wednesday: how to add privacy}

Add privacy to your home by using window treatments.

Your home is a place of solace and safety. You should feel secure in the privacy it provides. Shannon, the Hirshfield’s Shop at Home resident window treatment expert, shares tips on how to select these window treatments that will add to the privacy of your home.

Window Treatments for Privacy

Window treatments in a bathroom are a necessity, but the great thing is that they can be functional and good looking at the same time.  Most bathrooms typically have one window (above a tub or somewhere at the end of the long bathroom by the toilet). When I think of bathrooms, I think of wood tones, natural stones and a relatively neutral space.  There is typically a lot going on in a bathroom with vanities, toilets, flooring, showers, etc.  We try to create the walls as though they belong without breaking the space up more.  This leaves us to create a more dramatic window treatment.

Roman Shades in a bathroom are a perfect solution.  The liner allows for privacy and then we can be bold or graphic on the fabric.  With an outside mount Roman Shade you can create the illusion of a larger window, but installing it higher and wider than the actual window.  If pattern is too much, go for a neutral that complements your décor, but adds an element of texture or depth to the color.    Read the rest of this entry »

{window treatment wednesday: national window covering safety month}

Child-proof your home with these window treatment tips.

Cordless window treatments.October is National Window Covering Safety Month, making it the perfect time to highlight the unintentional threat window cords are in a home with young children or pets. Cords pose the potential to become a strangulation hazard. Nationwide, 549 children have died as a result of becoming tangled in blind cords. Keep your family safe by choosing from these cordless window treatment options.

Cordless window treatment options.

The window treatment industry has made many strides on lifting mechanisms that are not hazardous. There are cordless mechanisms for almost everything. Motorization serves as an option, which can be hardwired or battery operated. Hirshfield’s offers the full line of Hunter Douglas motorized options. The most popular is the PowerRise 2.1 system. These systems are available with the iPad application and can be controlled from the device inside the home.

Vertical applications have adapted and advanced as well. Most verticals have the option of a traveling wand. The traveling wand eliminates the long cord and chain that was commonly made on verticals. Horizons window fashions makes one such product called Averte.  Averte is a Natural Shade product that travels across a track. There are no operable cords on the system to put your child at risk, it is all done by hand. Read the rest of this entry »

{window treatment wednesdsay: national energy awareness month}

Invest in energy efficient window treatments.

Duette Architella honeycomb shades lock in heat.

Duette Architella honeycomb shades lock in heat.

October is National Energy Awareness Month, a national effort to underscore how central energy is to our national prosperity, security, and environmental well-being. In commemoration of National Energy Awareness Month, the Hirshfield’s Shop at Home resident window treatment expert Shannon shares her tips to keep your windows fashionable, functional, and energy efficient.

National Energy Awareness Month

When we talk about energy efficiency, we tend to talk about keeping the heat in or out.  There are actually three things to consider when talking about energy efficiency:

  • Insulation
  • Solar heat control
  • Daylighting

Our window treatment experts can help determine which shades or blinds are best for you, but you should be aware of ratings so you can make an informed purchasing decision based on insulation, solar heat control, and daylighting. Many companies used to rate their products by an R-value.  Unfortunately, they were using independent companies and it wasn’t consistent within the industry. As we know, there are many different window manufacturing companies and types of windows, which made these variables change too much.  Hunter Douglas has moved to a star rating system for Insulation, Solar Heat Control, Daylighting, UV Protection and Sound Absorption.  The more stars, the better it is. Read the rest of this entry »

{window treatment wednesday: Hunter Douglas window fashions}

Hunter Douglas blinds and shades on special.

Hunter Douglas blinds and shades.Invest in the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season: Hunter Douglas window fashions! Get a $100 rebate plus double your rebate or receive free installation on Hunter Douglas blinds and shades through Oct. 15!

Benefits of Hunter Douglas Products

  • Hunter Douglas products are beautiful, but that’s not all. Many are specially designed to transform the light in any room from harsh and unyielding to soft and diffused with a warm glow.
  • Masterfully engineered, they are a game changer – they can help alter the mood of a room and even moderate the temperature and sound level. Read the rest of this entry »

{window treatment wednesday: how to wash drapes}

Clean your draperies for a fresh look in your home.

How to wash your draperies.

Wash your draperies with these tips.

Draperies that are regularly cleaned, washed, and maintained will look great hanging in your home for years. Keep your family breathing easy by removing dust and allergens from the fabric while keeping them looking fresh. Follow these tips for draperies you’ll want to show-off!

Tips to Clean Draperies

Make it a point to maintain your drapes on a weekly basis to avoid fabric that is dingy at best. Remove dust from the draperies with a vacuum. Use the soft brush attachment that is customarily included with your vacuum. Attach to the accessory hose and  sweep in an up and down motion across the fabric. A hand-held vacuum also works well for this task.

For deep cleaning, you’ll want to wash the drapes. CHECK THE TAGS FIRST. You may find your draperies are meant to only be professionally cleaned. Don’t do-it-yourself if the draperies are not specifically labeled as washable, the fabric is frayed, damaged, or faded, if the draperies are pleated, or if trim and other embellishments are not listed as color-fast. Once you check these details, you’re good-to-go to wash and revitalize your window treatment! Read the rest of this entry »

{window treatment wednesday: pet friendly solutions}

Pet friendly window treatment options.

Pet friendly window treatment solutions.Hirshfield’s Shop at Home service in Minneapolis is home to not only some of the best options the window treatment world has to offer brought straight to you, but it is also home to some of the most experienced and creative window treatment experts in the Twin Cities. Kathryn Gravening serves as one of those professionals offering up understanding of construction, fiber, color and design. To those with four-legged friends at home, she also has first-hand knowledge on how to select window treatments that owners and pets alike will love.

Window Treatment Tips for Homes with Pets

Are you a cat or a dog person? Window treatments depend on the pet. Most dogs and cats similarly like to watch the outside world. They are interested in squirrels, birds, mail persons, and neighbors. Or just lying in the sun. Rough life, right? Read the rest of this entry »

{window treatment wednesday: kathryn gravening}

Meet window treatment expert Kathryn Gravening.

Hirshfield's Window Fashions

Meet Hirshfield’s window treatment expert Kathryn Gravening.

Hirshfield’s Shop at Home service in Minneapolis is home to not only some of the best options the window treatment world has to offer brought straight to you, but it is also home to some of the most experienced and creative window treatment experts in the Twin Cities. Kathryn Gravening serves as one of those professionals offering up understanding of construction, fiber, color and design.

A styling background.

Graduating from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, Kathryn is both stylish and savvy. Working at Fabric Retailers upon graduation built a foundation for her extensive fabric knowledge.

Kathryn has found a home in Hirshfield’s for her design knowledge. “Hirshfield’s believes in me,” Kathryn said. “It is wonderful to work with a company that has confidence in your abilities and gives you freedom and resources to get the job done. They give me the tools I require and provide training and inspiration.” Read the rest of this entry »


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