{friday finds: what project are you working on?}


We love seeing what projects our customers are working on and if we’re lucky they’ll remember to send us a photo or two. Enjoy these photos taken by “everyday people” sans stylists and expensive cameras.

A customer from our Edina store purchased 16 empty paint cans. Inquiring minds wanted to know what he was working on. Kudos to the customer for coming up with this brilliant custom-made coffee table. Doesn’t it look like it belongs in an expensive modern design catalog? Read the rest of this entry »

{preparing your home for family visits}

How to Prepare Your Home for Family Visits  IMG_1720

The holidays are approaching and you may be having family members stay at your home. What are some things you can do to make their stay more comfortable, for them and for you?

Start off with a basic housecleaning. It’s a good time to make sure that your kitchen is tidy and your refrigerator wiped out. Try to survey rooms with an impartial eye—so often we don’t really “see” the spaces we use every day! Next focus on the bedroom and bathroom that your family members will be using, making sure there’s extra toilet paper, plenty of soap and clean towels ready for your guests.

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{window treatment wednesday: replacing window fashions}

Keep your home looking fresh with updated window treatments.


It’s easy to fall into a routine, oatmeal for breakfast, coffee with two sugars, windows with blinds. If you’ve always had a specific window treatment in your house, it’s easy to keep it without thinking twice. An updated window treatment however can do wonders for refreshing a room!

On average, people replace window treatments once every seven years. When you’re out of the market for that long, you may be unaware of all the new and beautiful ways to decorate windows and control the light. Before you begin shopping for styles, consider these window treatment aspects. Read the rest of this entry »

{friday finds: pallets project}

Wood pallet project ideas embrace the inner do-it-yourselfer. They range on any level of expertise and the ideas never run out. From chic and elegant to country rustic, wooden pallets accentuate decorations and room color. These often discarded pieces can easily be attained. As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure! Read the rest of this entry »

(2013 bachman’s spring ideas house)


Dining Room

Where did the time go? This is the last weekend for the Bachman’s Spring Ideas House! Remember you need a ticket to go through the house. Your $5 ticket includes a coupon good for $5 off a Bachman’s purchase, with 20% of ticket proceeds benefiting Art in Bloom, the principal fundraiser of the Friends of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Visit the Spring Ideas House to see a hip take on ideas for spring entertaining and home decor from the perspective of a busy event planner and gardening enthusiast. After being buried under the Minnesota snow piles, this Ideas House rendition encourages getting out and getting together. Bachman’s designers are applying modern elements and clean design with infusions of bold patterns to the 100s of creative home décor and entertaining ideas. Expect to see an on-trend mixture of grays and yellows infused with crisp whites and plenty of natural elements. Plus many rooms will be themed around unique gatherings, giving you ideas for the upcoming party season.


Yellow kitchens were the big winners in the September 2012 issue of House Beautiful’s “America’s Favorite Paint Color.”


The living room coffee table is built from 6×6 cedar posts and decorative tiles. I also liked the idea of using a water feature in the fire-place during the months when the fire-place is not in use. Imagine that soothing sound of trickling water.


Drama Queen? An appropriate name for the wallpaper in the sun room, don’t you think? Loving the oversized scale of the vine – reminds me of Jack and the Beanstalk.


The headboard wall is covering in paper flowers and the light pendants are made from hanging baskets.


 Being an Event Coordinator,  three chalkboard walls are a necessity. The chalkboard paint went straight on the wall and was framed out with molding.


Event Coordinator’s office


Once again the Bachman’s design team did a lovely job. It has to be difficult to keep it fresh and new with every Idea’s House. We’re very appreciative to Bachman’s for choosing Hirshfield’s paint colors. It’s an excellent venue to see the paint “in action” and according to Nancy and R.C.W. it’s a great product.

For more photos, Hammers & High Heels, has an extensive montage of the Idea’s House. Have a great day - the sun is shining.  Enjoy!

Hirshfield’s paint colors used in the house:

Front Porch
Trim 0012 Bunny Cake
Floor 0211 Light Lichen
0806 Sweet Angelica
Living Room
0219 Camel’s Hump
Accent wall above fireplace 0806 Sweet Angelica
Sunroom Wallcovering
Drama Queen GC0874
Dining Room
0217 Oak Tone
0806 Sweet Angelica
Main Bathroom/Back Hall
0806 Sweet Angelica and 0218 Drifting Sand
0217 Oak Tone
Event Coordinator Office
0462 Resting Place
Event Coordinator Workshop
0391 Crispa
Chalkboard Paint:
Benjamin Moore 529 Sweet Daphne, 627 Spring Break, 683 St. Lucia Teal
Girl’s Bedroom
0211 Light Lichen
Master Bedroom
0462 Resting Place
Upper Level Bathroom
0211 Light Lichen


{scuffs, chips and nicks – quick fixes to get your home ready for guests}

How is it that scuffs, chips and nicks can stay hidden, completely invisible to the naked eye, until you decide to have guests over? As soon as the RSVP’s start showing up so do all of those imperfections; the scratch on the coffee table, the nick in the banister, all of those scuffs on the kitchen floor. If you’re looking to take care of these tiny little eyesores before holiday guests arrive, here are some quick fixes that will leave your home scuff, chip and nick free!

Cleaning scuffs off of linoleum floors
Wash away scuff marks by rubbing them with a sponge or soft brush (nothing abrasive) and a solution of dishwashing detergent and water. You can also rub a pencil eraser over scuff marks to make them disappear.

Removing scratches from wooden surfaces
For scratches that have penetrated beyond the finish, try rubbing a pecan or walnut gently across the surface of the scratch. You’ll fill the wood naturally, quickly and cleanly – and the natural oils in the nut will ensure that it lasts.

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{reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose}

November 15 is America Recycles Day – a wonderful reminder to all of us that we should be doing our part to help keep Mother Earth beautiful and healthy. So this week, and every week, just remember to reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose!

Repurposing old and outdated furniture is a simple way to help reduce landfill waste and cut down on the carbon footprint required to make and ship new furniture. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

Kim Yeager, founder and principal of Lark Nest Design, refurbishes decor and furniture for clients here in the Twin Cities. She recently hosted some seminars for Hirshfield’s on best practices for refinishing furniture. Some of her tips include:

  • You can paint metal: You can paint metal, just make sure to prime the surface first!
  • The more you sand, the better you’ll get: The more you sand, the more you’ll pick up a technique. You don’t want to sand so deeply that you go beyond the top layer of wood. Learning how your sander handles will also help you when you “distress” painted objects.
  • Don’t take shortcuts: If a piece has hardware or drawers, remove them entirely for prep and painting. Because these areas get a lot of use, they are ripe for eventual paint flaking. Sand drawer edges carefully so the old paint is gone before applying new. Two coats of sealer should give the drawers “armor” for future use.

Read more of Kim’s tips here.

Now that you’ve got the basics, here are some of our favorite repurposed projects from around the web!

Old drawers as shelves via RemodelAholic.

repurposed furniture


Old door turned coffee table via DIY Network.

repurposed furniture

DIY Network

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{when to splurge and when to save when decorating your home}

Furnishing a home can be a major investment. You have the necessities – a table, bed, dinnerware, and a place to sit. Then you have the “nice to haves” – wall art, fancy lighting, a glam rug, and accessories to tie the space together. When you’re excited about decorating, and anxious to get started, the line can easily become blurry between the two categories. Which is why we love Apartment Therapy’s post on when to splurge and when to save when furnishing your home.

Here are some of their tips:

Splurge where your health is concerned.
This means mattresses, office chairs and work surfaces at the proper height for the job at hand. If you’re lucky you may find these items at a bargain price, but generally I’d suggest budgeting more for items which directly affect your health and comfort.

A comfortable looking office, color on the wall is Benjamin Moore Hot Apple Spice 2005-20.

We would also add that along with furniture that affects your health, products that affect your health. Consider going with a low or no VOC paint to cut down on odor. Hirshfield’s offers Preserve LOW VOC INTERIOR LATEX FLAT with Microban® antimicrobial product protection and Benjamin Moore Natura® Zero-VOC Interior Paint.

Splurge on statement pieces.
These are the pieces that you love, that you’ll take with you when you move, that make your home feel like yours. The Eames chair which detracts from the big-box store sofa, or the vintage armoire which makes putting away the laundry fun. It goes without saying that falling in love with pieces that are also functional is advisable, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

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{friday finds: working trends into your home decor}

It’s been fun following the Tangerine Tango trail since it was chosen as Pantone’s 2012 Color of the Year. It is everywhere, except in my house. Try as I might, I could not get the oranges to co-exist with the colors in my home. Not every design trend is going to work in your home, so just like in fashion, there are many trends to choose from.

Experimenting with current trends is an excellent way to freshen up your space. Accessories can be an inexpensive and easy way to test the waters of your favorite trend. Adding the new with the old, and mixing it up with your sentimental favorites, is what makes a house a home.

Here are three examples of current home decor trends and how you can make them work in your home.

Color-blocking which has been so popular in the fab world of fashion made the leap into decor. Work with three of your favorite colors and see where it takes you.  If you start adding more colors you can end up with a home decor disaster.

An inexpensive and easy way to add color is to paint to the back of open cupboards or bookcases. In the examples shown above, you would only need a pint or quart of paint for each color.  You can also gather “like colored” items from around your home and group them together in an energized color-blocked collection.*

Buy fabric in your favorite colors for accent pillows and a DIY steal-the-show shower curtain.

I love how color-blocking was used in this living room with neutral walls and neutral furniture: the rug, stack of green books, draperies, ottoman cushion, and the luscious green pillows. It all works for me.

Here color-blocking is used in the artwork, rug, side chairs, and accent pillows. The finish of the coffee table also reflects the colors of the entire  room.

Nautical is crazy popular right now for the home. The traditional nautical colors of red, white, and blue, paired with tailored stripes, gives off the clean, crisp vibe I love. Make a total commitment with one of Pottery Barn’s six nautical themed bedrooms, or accessorize with the simple, yet fetching, “You anchor me” piece of artwork.

Benjamin Moore Harbor Haze and Spellbound paint colors were used in this bright and cheery space.

If the style of your home doesn’t lend itself to the sea, desk accessories, anchor pillows, sea shells, wooden ships or knot artwork are smaller pieces you can work into your home decor.

Stingray hide

Shagreen (shuh-green) – before last year I don’t remember ever seeing this word in print. The Pink Chandelier tells the story:

 Much to the chagrin of most sharks and rays, their skin, shagreen, has been used on decorative items and furniture since ancient times. Egyptians adored its pearly texture and Japanese samurais used it on the handles of their swords. Louis XV and Madame Pompadour were huge fans of the luminescent, pebbly leather and had exquisite wig boxes covered in it. During the Art Deco period, furniture and boxes were commonly upholstered with shagreen and dyed in soft pastel shades. Today, shagreen is still coveted and used on luxurious furniture and decorative objects because of its amazing texture that is reminiscent of tiny beads.  Luckily for sharks and rays, faux shagreen is an alternative option and unless you are an expert, it’s hard to tell the difference.

Faux shagreen wallcovering from Hirshfield’s Design Studio

Kathy and Greg (Hirshfield’s Design Studio) tell me shagreen was very, very popular at High Point Market this past 2012 spring, showing up on furniture, accessories, wallets, bar carts, and lamp bases to name a few. Kathy also told me it’s desirous to have a shagreen covered item with the larger white spots on it.

Vintage Pirite Shagreen Commode or Chest

Ann Sacks black shagreen tiles…the real deal.

When I am looking to add a little luxe glamour to my interiors, I look to a shagreen-finished object like a tray, accent table or box…The Pink Chandelier

This is a trend that is building momentum; in the next six months we’ll be seeing more shagreen products mass marketed. I would love a shagreen box to hold all the remote controls, and I would consider a lamp with a shagreen base. Shagreen covered items add another layer of texture and interest to a room.

Just like with fashion not all trends will work for you. Your home should be comfortable and reflect your personal style, but yet don’t be afraid to freshen it up every so often. You’ve gotten rid of your mom/dad jeans, haven’t you? Maybe that valance in your kitchen needs to go…oh wait, that’s my valance that needs to go!

*Half painted walls another form of color-blocking?

Images: Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart, Styleathome.com, Martha Stewart, Interiorholic, Pottery Barn, RatedPeopleBlacklist Studio PrintsElle, Style Theories,?, House To Home, ?, Full Chisel Blog, Hirshfield’s Design Studio, Old Plank Road,Oly, Apartment Therapy

{friday finds: bits & pieces}

Is this the summer you improve your home’s curb appeal? It is for this Hirshfield’s customer who is already giving his home a new coat of paint.

A Hirshfield’s colorist went out to his home and selected a color scheme she thought would work for his style of home and for the neighborhood. The homeowner had difficulty visualizing how the colors would look on his home from the color chips. Problem solved. The homeowner asked the painter to do a mock-up for him. He loved the color scheme once he was able to see how the paint colors looked on his home.

This homeowner is not alone. Having a mock-up done is an excellent solution to a very common problem. Hirshfield’s can help you out with a variety of sample options: pints, quarts, Hirshfield’s Big Swatch, and selected 2 0z.Benjamin Moore colors are available for test drives. It’s a DIY project or hire a professional to paint it out for you.

Paint colors shown are Benjamin Moore 1154 Dash of Pepper for the body of the house, 1547 Dragon’s Breath on the shutters, and OC-45 Swiss Coffee.

The ASID Showcase Home Tour kicks off Friday, May 18, 2012 and runs through Sunday, June 10, 2012. Located at 2002 W. Lake of the Isles Parkway, the home features 26 breathtaking spaces and showcases the talents of 30 Twin Cities interior designers.

A portion of proceeds from the Showcase Home event go to the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota.

Tickets can be purchased at Hirshfield’s for $15 and $20 at the door. For additional information you can visit their site at MSP magazine.

Great savings on Hirshfield’s paints and deck care products thru May 31, 2012!

On Thursday, May 24th, 2012, Hirshfield’s is giving away a $100 Hirshfield’s gift card to one lucky winner. Here’s the link to enter the Facebook Giveaway. Good luck and have a spectacular weekend.


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