{friday finds: choose your unique color story with new color collection from Benjamin Moore}

Benjamin Moore has created a new chapter in paint color technology with its most recent color collection, Color Stories. This collection includes eight color palettes that are comprised of a total of 240 colors, making for a truly unique, un-matched color offering.

Benjamin Moore paint Minnesota

Benjamin Moore

Unlike conventional paint formulas, the Color Stories palette includes more than the traditional combination of three pigments and does not use any tints of gray or black. Instead, five to seven pigments are incorporated per color. These colors have a greater clarity, purity and are richer than conventional colors because they are formulated with more pigments in very precise, exacting amounts.

Benjamin Moore paint Minnesota

Fiery Sunset collection

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{window treatment wednesday: save money and energy with the right window treatment from Hirshfield’s}

Summertime weather forecasts here in Minnesota usually include the three “H’s” – hot, hazy and humid. Sure you could crank up the AC or turn on some fans to help cool your home down, but you could also simply add a fourth “H” to that list – Hirshfield’s – and combat the summer heat (and summer energy bill) with some beautiful window treatments!

Yes, brains and beauty come together in the energy efficient window treatment offerings at Hirshfield’s. Look for window treatments with a low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), which is the amount of solar heat that passes through a window, where 0 = none and 1 = all. The lower a product’s SHGC, the less solar heat it transmits, which can help a home stay cooler in the warm summer months.

A customer favorite at Hirshfield’s is the Hunter Douglas Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shade, the most energy efficient and best-selling honeycomb product Hunter Douglas carries.

Hunter Douglas window treatments

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{great service experience}

To: Hirshfield’s Management

I recently had a delightful experience working with Tom Schoening at your Edina Store. He handled all my questions professionally and did a wonderful job in assisting me with color selections & preparation of paint samples for my client. His work facilitated the decision process and expedited the order…an all around great service experience…and a pleasure to work with your team – especially Tom.


R.H. (designer)

Thank you R.H. for taking time to let us know about your shopping experience at Hirshfield’s Edina. Retail is often a thankless job and it means a lot to our employees when customers go the extra step to say, ” Thanks, I appreciate your expertise.”

Great job, Tom!

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{friday finds: it’s too red…too purple…too something}

Coventry-Gray-HC-169 from Maria Killam

What paint colors are on the minds of Hirshfield’s customers when they walk into our stores?

Jill ( Hirshfield’s Edina) tells me their customers like the idea of using gray and try to use gray in their homes. Guess what? A number of customers return to the store enveloped in a cloud of gray ennui. Gray ennui?  The gray is either too green, too cold, too brown, too something, and it just doesn’t look “right.” Those sneaky undertones. The chameleon among colors, gray is a classic, refined neutral that works well with any color scheme. Depending on the shade, it can be cool and calming or, with a little bit of silver, energetic.

Customers ask for the perfect gray. There is no perfect gray. Every customer has a different perfect gray. When shopping for paint bring along your existing interior finishes if you can, as this makes it easier for Hirshfield’s staff to find the perfect gray for you.*  Your carpet may have a green undertone and your favorite gray paint has a red undertone. This is the reason why your room will never look “right.”

Color Chats, by Benjamin Moore, helps point color-troubled customers in the right direction with this recent blog posting:  Fifty Shades of Gray {Paint}. Michelle Zakko has curated 50 enticing grey, greige, and gray room settings for your viewing pleasure.

Benjamin Moore’s five favorite grays

Customers from the Edina store are also looking at the colors of sea glass, plum, taupe, with a few forward-thinking, orange and kelly green customers.

Rhubarb 2007-30 Benjamin Moore

If fifty shades of gray paint doesn’t do it for you, Conspicuous Style recently shared her favorite paint colors…her top 100 Benjamin Moore paint colors! Can you see why rhubarb is a favorite, especially when it’s sharing space with turquoise.

Thanks, Jill for sharing your customer observations. Stop by any Hirshfield’s location for a color chat with one of our undertone experts.

*Is a color call what you need? For information on the personalized service of an in-home paint consultation, click here.

{Hirshfield’s top five color picks for summer}

Summer officially arrives this week, with opening day being June 20! Some people may celebrate with picnics, pool parties or a leisurely boat ride, but here at Hirshfield’s you know we like to celebrate significant events with color! So in honor of the most eagerly anticipated season of the year, we bring you Hirshfield’s Top Five Color Picks for Summer!

1. Benjamin Moore 2034-10 Clover Green
Blues and grays have long held the title of most popular neutrals, but green has been steadily picking up speed. In a recent Friday Finds post, Green is the Colour, trend forecaster, Michelle Lamb, is quoted as saying, “…shades from Kelly and grass (incoming color) to mint (building momentum) and citron (established color), green was nipping at blue’s heels.”

minnesota paint

Benjamin Moore’s Clover Green definitely makes a statement – somehow exuding both whimsy and sophistication at the same time. Reminiscent of the color of lush, green grass in the summertime, or as one Hirshfield’s employee shared, the color of her favorite childhood swimsuit.

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{window treatment wednesday: shop at home for window fashions with Hirshfield’s}

“The right window treatment is really the jewelry on the dress. It brings the whole look of the room together.”
- Kathryn, Hirshfield’s Shop at Home

You know Hirshfield’s is your Minnesota resource for all the best window fashions – from elegant and durable wood blinds to the sophisticated luxury of Silhouettes and Luminette Window Shadings from Hunter Douglas. But if window treatment shopping just doesn’t fit into your schedule or your project requires a little extra attention, let a Hirshfield’s window treatment expert come to you!

With Hirshfield’s Shop at Home, a Hirshfield’s design professional will bring our window fashions library – which includes the latest colors and styles – right to your home. What better way to see just how your new window treatments will look than in the privacy of your own home in the rooms you are decorating!

Hirshfield’s Shop at Home services include window treatments, custom draperies, shutters, bed fashions and more.

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{friday finds: green is the colour}

Apartment Therapy

Mixing it up with greens

via Apartment 34

Adore Home

House Beautiful

Do you get the vibe that green is starting to crowd tangerine tango out of the limelight and getting a head start on becoming the darling of 2013?

I do.

Green has steadily been making its way onto the color scene, and all of a sudden, it feels like it has exploded onto the scene. My eyes are just getting use to the intensity of kelly green, and people are already talking mint a.k.a. seafoam? Is it really time for seafoam to make a reappearance? Here’s a link to a “spotlight on seafoam” so you can be the judge.

 Michelle Lamb, trend forecaster, offered these observations from High Point this past April…”shades from Kelly and grass (incoming color) to mint (building momentum) and citron (established color), green was nipping at blue’s heels.” Read the rest of this entry »

{window treatment thursday}

What’s your Window Treatment IQ? If you’re like me, you know enough to be dangerous. I was curious about the different lifting options, manual and motorized, so I delved into the information offered by Hunter Douglas. Whoa! My eyes started to glaze over when I read “PowerTilt™  with Platinum™ Technology system and UltraGlide®  Retractable cord system.” What does that mean?

I spoke with Cindy (Hirshfield’s Maple Grove ) and Michelle (Hirshfield’s Edina) and asked how they explain the different lifting systems and how they determine which lifting system will work best for the customer. Cindy and Michelle both told me as they talk about options and features, they will demonstrate the product for the customer, and give the customer the opportunity to operate the window treatment. Cindy and Michelle also ask and answer a lot of questions.

When it comes to Window Treatment IQ, Hirshfield’s employees rank among the best. Period. Listening in on conversations between our sales staff and window treatment customers, I’m in constant awe of their product knowledge.

To give you an idea of what’s out there for lifting systems I found some interesting questions and answers on the Hunter Douglas site.  It’s pretty amazing all the options Hunter Douglas offers with their products.


We have very high windows. I would like to cover them because they allow a lot of sunlight in the morning, which heats up the house. I would like something that I can control with motorization.


I would recommend our patented PowerRise® with Platinum™ Technology battery-powered system. This system allows you to raise or lower window fashions individually or in groups from a sleek handheld remote control. This system is available on our Silhouette® window shadings, our Duette® and Applause®honeycomb shades, our Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, and our Brilliance®pleated shades. All of these products are lovely. You can’t go wrong with PowerRise!

We also have hard-wired systems with Platinum™ Technology, offering simple wiring solutions for guaranteed operation and precise control via a contemporary-styled wall switch or remote control. This is a wonderful alternative.  (HOT TIP FROM MARSHA:  Hunter Douglas consumer rebates on motorization become available the end of June.  Gather your information now, but if you can, wait another couple of week to buy.)

 Q:I want to put up a shade in my daughter’s room that blocks the sun. I’m concerned about safety, too, because I’ve heard of the terrible stories of children being hurt or worse by getting tangled in blinds and cords. What should I use?


We’re very concerned with child safety at Hunter Douglas. All Hunter Douglas products provide standard and/or optional safety features, and some products offer more than others. For example, our LiteRise® cordless system has no operating cords. It just pushes up and pulls down from the bottom. The shade or blind raises or lowers evenly to the desired position, and then holds that position, locking in automatically.

LiteRise® cordless lifting system

Some products offer the UltraGlide® retractable cord system, which is a single cord that is retractable. It hangs about 2/3 of the way down and to pull the shade upward, just pull the cord and it retracts back into the original length. It looks nice and best of all, it is very child and pet friendly.

Q:I’d like to automate the control of my window fashions in my great room. How do I know which Hunter Douglas motorized system is right for my home?

A:When deciding on motorized window fashions, the most important decision is whether or not you’re able to run individual wires to each window opening. If yes, you can choose a hard-wired switch system that operates from a wall panel or a hard-wired remote control that allows operation by wall switch or remote control. If not, your choice is battery operation with our PowerRise®,  PowerGlide,® or PowerTilt™, all with Platinum™ Technology system.  (P.S.  Don’t forget about Marsha’s Hot Tip.)

{celebrating Father’s Day with man cave design}

Dad, you’re someone to look up to no matter how tall I’ve grown.

Our dads do a lot for us – and they deserve to be honored on Father’s Day and everyday! If your dad is the type who would appreciate a great “man cave” retreat this Father’s Day, you’ve come to the right place!

Man Caves, on DIY Network, offers these tips for getting started on your man cave:

  • Pick an object (pool table, jukebox, picture) that you like and will make part of the room as your inspiration in choosing the overall look and color of your man cave.
  • Make a list of all the materials you will need to accomplish the build. If you’re working with a budget, make sure to leave yourself a 10-15% allowance for miscellaneous or unforeseen costs.
  • If your build requires plumbing, electrical or HVAC work, contact licensed professionals for their input or services. Don’t tackle something you’re not comfortable with.
  • Ask friends and family to help with the build. Try to get people with some building skills so that they might help you direct your plan of attack.

Whether you have a large space or a small space to devote to a man cave, one of the first things you’ll want to do is get a fresh coat of paint on the walls. This will give you the perfect backdrop for your man cave theme, be it sports, hunting, fishing, music or cars! If your man cave space feels a little small, check out our recent post on painting tips for small spaces.

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{what determines a color trend?}

It takes many factors to make a color trend, from fashion, politics, the economy, art exhibits, Hollywood stars, rock legends, environmental issues and dozens of other outside influences.

Fashion is always something you have to watch when tracking trends. The old world art of lace making and the use of loose woven materials with a peek of bright color behind them is a trend taken from fashion and being interpreted into home furnishings.

Color trends

Another detail taken from art to fashion is color blocking, this is the use of bright colors without pattern, combined into interesting color combinations. This popular trend is resurrected from the art of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch artist from the early 1900’s and popularized in the 60’s.

Minneapolis design

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